The Omega Point is on the horizon

This weblog has really been a blessing for me. There have been quite a few years of frustration based on my inability to update regularly. I have been able to post all of my music online, but not my other creative ventures. My writings, drawings, poetry, and journal entries have all remained anonymous.
No longer! Weblogs are (currently) the ultimate format for an everyday creator and thinker who wishes to post His/Her ideas and creations publicly in the ultimate forum, the Internet.
No longer are people and ideas cordoned off from each other by natural geography. More and more humans are able to access a total synthesis of global knowledge instantly. Search engines and public databases increase exponentially our ability as a society to make well informed decisions, and to project into well defined areas.
More and more daily I am reminded of The Omega Point – a moment when the “..ultimate cosmic computer will essentially be able to resurrect (“simulate” might be a more modest verb) everyone who has ever lived, by recreating simulations of all possible quantum brain states within the master simulation. This will be manifested as a simulated reality, except without the necessity for physical bodies. From the perspective of the simulated “inhabitant,” the Omega Point represents an infinite-duration afterlife, which could take any imaginable form due to its virtual nature.”

I know it sounds like alot. But with Moore’s Law still accurate and Quantum Super-Computers around the corner (and probably being used in the N.S.A & C.I.A.), we can see in today’s society how much information has changed our lives.
Billions of people have cell phones , Billions online , and the numbers only to grow ,show that our planet and it’s people are about to create, experience, and fully document something Grand and Amazing. Enjoy the show!

©2007 Carlos Cardona

Haiku’s for 8/31/07

Haiku’s for 8/31/07

As always I started the day with some poetry – The morning is the best time for me creatively.  I am able to have several hours to myself to write and play music.  And my mind races the moment that I wake up.

Where is the lighter?
It’s time for my morning bong
Start the day out right 🙂

I can sense you smile
Inspiration truly counts
try it, you will see

Alone in my bed
Natalie is out of town
The bed seems larger

My writings are good
But my music is better
Which do you prefer?

Visit my blog please
Increasing stats gives me joy
Does that seem stupid?

All my work today
For the whole planet’s laughter
I will play the clown

A crown on the head
Can deceive with appearance
Do you overstand?

My friends are Rastas
Labels applied can limit
I’m not a Rasta

Only the finest
It’s my family motto
A bumper sticker

Laughter at myself
Do you take me serious
We are but children

Money is no sweat
That energy is mastered
stand victorious

Do you work hard
Sometimes I don’t work at all
Other times I play

This is so easy
I do it subconsciously
Even when I sleep

I am becoming
All that I hoped to be
My dreams become real

©2007 Carlos Cardona

2005 High Times Cannabis Cup

This is another picture of The Omega Project preforming at the 2005 High Times Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam!

©2007 Carlos Cardona

4 New Septets

4 New Septets   – Enjoy!

Good Morning
The Sun is rising
I awaken creative
And sing a new song of Creation
All around me is new growth
Nothing stays the same
I’m Thankful

All that I
Desire and Need
Hover around me like birds
I need merely reach up and choose
The fruit of my desire
My cup runs over
I am full

Help yourself
And you will help all.
Expressing your hopes and dreams
Can ultimately spark the fire
Giving guiding light and warmth
To seekers of Truth
And Knowledge


I await
an urgent package
Plotting the course of my day
Hangs on the balance of this outcome
With it, I eat like a King
Without it, I don’t
I await

©2007 Carlos Cardona

Bush Accepts Iraq-Vietnam Comparison

Have you heard about this one yet?  It happened a while ago but I haven’t had a chance to post it yet.

Bush Accepts Iraq-Vietnam Comparison

But get this… He says because we should never have gotten out of Vietnam… Tuh!


Super-Ferry News

The Super-Ferry is having a damn rough start of things. I guess they could have seen this coming. But now it seems that they are even blocked from going to Maui- For the time being of course. Never fear, Big Money will figure some way around this.

Super-ferry restraining order extended

– also- check out my former blogs on The Super-Ferry –

Super-Ferry service suspended



Science and Tech News for 8/30/07

10 new Haiku’s for 8/30/07

Start your day off with some Haiku’s – 9 out of 10 poets recommend!

Astounding rhythm
Music I hear in my head
can match the Heavens

A cup of water
To start my day and refresh
It keeps me ageless

Chronic ganja smoke
Wafts through my field of vision
Causing me to smile

There is nowhere else
In the world I’d rather be
Than in Your Presence

Melodic Birdsong
Dances across my eardrum
I stir from my rest

My roommate is up
I hear her moving around
She leaves for work soon

There is a War on!
Hurry up and pick your side,
Choose where you will die

The Governments broke
Deeply entrenching power-
Maybe their not broke

Today, a new song
For Today deserves the best
Yesterday is gone

And now on to News
For that gets me lots of hits
People read my blog


©2007 Carlos Cardona

More Pictures from 2005 Seattle Hempfest

Here are a couple more pics from the 2005 Seattle Hemp-fest.  The first is of Natalia and Jack Herer, author of “The Emperor wears no clothes”.  And the second is The Omega Project and Rick Cusick , the editor of High Times.

©2007 Carlos Cardona

Katrina 2 year Anniversary Poem

This Poem is for the 2 Year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina:

Its been two years now since Katrina.
My life has grown greatly and changed.
I resolved moving back to New Orleans,
There I struggled, and was cast out again.

A part of me rests in New Orleans,
Beneath damp, brick lined quarters.
Releasing all regret of things never accomplished
And memories washed away in violent, brackish waters.

A part of me longs for New Orleans
My memory tells me sweet lies
“All was good in New Orleans,” I tell myself
“Its good to watch tradition die”

“Its good to let go, taking nothing at all.
Because nothing is all we have left”
Our community cast to the wayside,
Our Community shadowed by Death

Hurricane Katrina happened 2 years ago today.  And so many things have happened while so many more have not.  New Orleans pre-Katrina is an odd memory for me today.  So much of the bad has been replaced by my longing for what was destroyed.  I try to convince myself about the good old days before Katrina, but I know better.  The very fact that the city was destroyed by incompetence says all you need to know about the good old days.  – Carlos Cardona

©2007 Carlos Cardona


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