Jamaica inspired freehand


Tragedy and downpression breed creativity and uprising.
The tears of your ancestors are the laughter of your descendants.
In your servitude I see humbleness. In your poverty, I sense great wealth.
The birthplace of a spiritual movement. The cradle of a mighty sound
-Thundering worldwide.
Mountain, ocean deep, blue and grand.
There’s a rainbow in the sky.
It rains, cooling the warmth, and washing all cares away.
The island drinks deep.


Just write, let words flow like water. Hidden subtly within phrases and sentences, Truths and patterns emerge. Inner secrets may be shouted at the world. Unspokens uttered. And from the depths of consciousness, new worlds emerge.

Something far greater than this is on the horizon. Boundless thoughts and ideas endlessly expanding outward and inward. Backward and forward. We stand at a fulcrum. Entire Universes created and destroyed with merely a thought. Ancient ideas forgotten, Old truths relearned.


My Gratitude

My Gratitude Amigo’s, Forever and Always.
For who would I be without your definition?
Where do we stand but amongst our companions?
And who speaks our name when we’re gone?

My Gratitude Familia, Forever and Always.
The seed that you planted has grown strong and fruit bearing.
Eat now of the abundance of my labour and knowledge.
And when you’re gone, I shall forever speak your name.



1 Comment

  1. Jak said,

    August 24, 2007 at 10:35 pm

    very nice. i especially like jamaica. a great story it tells

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