Jamaica Me Grateful

damountainyeahmon!JamminSpenceMontego BayBack from Jamaica…. What to even say?

Natalie, Patience, Spence, Chelsea, James, and I flew to Montego Bay on the 12th. James’ family has a place there in Round Hill, a resort right outside of the city. I have been to Jamaica 4 times now, and this was by far the best time. In a country so bound by poverty, its overwhelming to be treated so graciously. La Segundo Mano some cynics may argue that the smiles were chiseled on blocks of flesh with hammers made of money, but who enjoys arguing back?
We happened to be there during Hurricane Dean, a class 5. The weather shaping machine we brought along to test out worked great and the storm barely even passed overhead, and we even had generators to power up the mixers. Domino’s were slammed hard by all.
Alex Ott, an amazing man from New York was on Island, mixing platinum and gold flaked neo-cocktails, while The Omega Project had everyone tapping feet well into the evening. Cone shaped spliffs burned like incense, overpowered by nag champa. And extra watcheyes were brought in for posterity.
Tea time and backgammon by the sea, and swimming down a 20 foot wall of coral in the afternoon. Followed by Fruit and Prawn. Truly a refreshing time, no problem mon!

Check out roundhilljamaica.com — ta bien!



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