More Haiku’s

I am going a little Haiku crazy today working on “Daily Haiku”

here are 9 new ones—enjoy
Humans, what are we?
Hurling through space like madmen
toward points unknown.

My life in this world
Is like a waking dreamtime.
Choosing, I create

I’ve always known hate
Tempered with its one equal.
I’ve always known love.

Never throughout life
Have I loved as I love you.
Your Breath is a song!

Do I dare disturb
That Peaceful look of slumber?
Or let you just sleep?

Where is the One Source?
Hidden within or without?
Seek and you shall find.

Working and Playing
Have finally become One
Would you care to join?

I am my Mom’s son
Though surely my fathers too
Sum greater than parts.

The only constant
Is that all things change and grow
Hold fast to that thought
© 2007 Carlos Cardona


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