9 new haiku’s for breakfast

Haiku’s for 8/27/07

Good morning everyone!!  I have been getting quite a response from my recent Haiku binge, so I shall indulge some more.  Thanks to everyone who has read them.  I hope that it inspires you to write also.

Who can judge me now?
I have conquered desire
And rule this caged flesh.

Where is my lighter?
This ganja won’t smoke itself.
Don’t make me rub sticks.

Where is The Maker?
I have some questions to ask
And it’s growing late.

Always burning Nag
Since I was merely a boy.
Is it good for me?

I’ve spent my money!
I should have been more frugal.
Now I eat nothing.

So much abundance
I’m drowning in your giving
Gluttonous and full

Can we share this cab?
Our direction is the same.
And my feet are sore.

This herb smells so good
And looks as if dipped in light
Can we smoke some now?

You know the answer
But do you know the question?
Of course! You asked it.
©2007 Carlos Cardona


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