While Natalia was in the bank…

Watching cars go by
Bikes pulling trailers behind
Out on the corner

Engine rumbles loud
Waiting for the light to change
Its green- you may go

Open the door wide
you step through into sunlight
close it behind you

The wind is blowing
And it messes up my hair
Push it from my face

Words of my father
“Son, I don’t have it right now”
Thanks alot father

I am hungry now
But still have tasks to complete
Before I may eat

Please don’t stare at me
Judgements are clear in your eyes
And burn like hot coals.

Watchdog on a leash
Guarding the lengths of your chain
Give me safe passage

Everyone stares
As I re-tune my guitar
And start the next song.

This mic is too loud-
It feeds back each time I talk
Busting my eardrums.
©2007 Carlos Cardona


1 Comment

  1. divya said,

    August 28, 2007 at 5:22 pm

    hahaha! each time i read your haikus it makes me come back and read more of them! sometimes i feel you’re so jobless(no offense really!) and at the same time i feel its awesome stuff! hilarious, and unusual inspirations! good going dude!

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