10 New Haiku’s 8/29/07

Here are some more Haiku’s. Out of everything I have blogged these seem to get the most interest and I really enjoy writing them in my Jobless Time…. 🙂

Good morning all. Sorry I didnt post too much yesterday, I spent all afternoon on a Nintendo Wii. And damn does it give me a good sense of what video games are going to be like in 5 years. WOW!

You Send me a text
And I answer it quickly

Chatting in real time

Finally you’re gone
And I can blog my heart out
without you watching

Inspiration strikes
me at the oddest moments
I must write this down

Alone in my room
And I’m thinking about you
Guess what I’m doing

My music endures
Even after I am gone
Sound waves will progress

My Daily Haiku
Was written with too much haste.
I should have slowed down

My sister forgets
That we come from the same stock
And envy’s my words.

Who is The Father?
And who gave birth to The Son?
Where is The Mother?

Universal truth
Lingers on my Mind and Tongue
Thinking words to speak.

Now that you’ve read these
Haiku’s and words from my head
Please, won’t you write one?

©2007 Carlos Cardona

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