Katrina 2 year Anniversary Poem

This Poem is for the 2 Year Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina:

Its been two years now since Katrina.
My life has grown greatly and changed.
I resolved moving back to New Orleans,
There I struggled, and was cast out again.

A part of me rests in New Orleans,
Beneath damp, brick lined quarters.
Releasing all regret of things never accomplished
And memories washed away in violent, brackish waters.

A part of me longs for New Orleans
My memory tells me sweet lies
“All was good in New Orleans,” I tell myself
“Its good to watch tradition die”

“Its good to let go, taking nothing at all.
Because nothing is all we have left”
Our community cast to the wayside,
Our Community shadowed by Death

Hurricane Katrina happened 2 years ago today.  And so many things have happened while so many more have not.  New Orleans pre-Katrina is an odd memory for me today.  So much of the bad has been replaced by my longing for what was destroyed.  I try to convince myself about the good old days before Katrina, but I know better.  The very fact that the city was destroyed by incompetence says all you need to know about the good old days.  – Carlos Cardona

©2007 Carlos Cardona



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