More News On Chinese Censorship

These two headlines say so much.  Currently, multinational companies like Google and Yahoo and a host of others, are able to have multiple sets of rules for as many different countries as they operate in.  But with the rapid rise and dominance of Globalism, it isn’t that long before there are only one set of rules and one set of rulers.  If Chinese peoples emails are being handed over by Yahoo leading to their torture, and Big Brother is monitoring access to Chinese webbsites, then how long before we realize these same problems abound on our shore?!
Yahoo Asks Judge to Toss China Torture case
“Global Internet services giant Yahoo! Inc. has this week requested a US court dismiss accusations that by passing on private user information it directly assisted the Chinese Government in imprisoning a political dissident that called for democracy on a Chinese Internet forum.”
He was locked up because he called for democracy.-
Yahoo has also insisted that it was only following the letter of the law by providing authorities in China with the private information relating to the user in question – due to him holding an email account with Yahoo! China.”
-just following the letter of the law everyone, and how many of you have a yahoo account?

China to Put Cartoon Cops on Internet Patrols

“The Chinese government has decided to use a pair of cartoon cops to patrol computer screens of Internet users to make sure they are abiding by strict censorship rules, and the duo will encourage others to help them by ratting out potential violators.”

“Particular sites of interest for this cute little cartoon dynamic duo will be pornography sites, online gaming sites and sites of political interest.”
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