Science and Tech News for 8/29/07

Some News for 8/29/07


NASA: No drunken space-bound astronauts  – good thing, I was worried… Thanks Alex Ott.

US teen trades hacked iPhone for Nissan 350Z – Nice Job Kid.

Yahoo Asks Judge to Toss China Torture case – Yikes!!

China to Put Cartoon Cops on Internet Patrols -Velvet Glove covering an Iron Fist Much? – I will blog on this one and the one above later….

Hominid Fossil Lucy Visits the United States – The discoverers of Lucy named her that because Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was playing….. They swear…..Really……No lie…….

The Next iPod – Damn Apple is good!!  Soon they are gonna re-vamp a real apple! Why did I sell my soul to Bill Gates Lord, Why!!

Greenhouse gases fueled 2006 warmth: report – Breaking News!!  Our actions really do have consequences!!



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  1. August 29, 2007 at 5:48 pm

    Thanks for writing your blog. I truly enjoyed reading it. 17

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