Super-Ferry News

The Hawaii Super-Ferry is causing quite a ruckus in the islands these days.  It is supposed to cruise passengers and cars inter island for a much cheaper rate then the airlines currently offer, sounds great right?  Not according to some environmentalists
“Opponents say the ferry endangers whales, threatens to spread invasive species and will worsen traffic and pollution. ”

The crazy thing is that my good friend Renee Rainwater called Natalie and I from a protest in Nawiliwili Harbour, Lihue a few days ago.  She told us there were about 30 surfers in the water and a couple hundred people on shore with drums chanting.  The coast guard couldn’t clear the people out and the Super-Ferry was forced to return to Oahu.  That was the last I heard.  Until this morning….
Hawaii Super-ferry officials suspend service indefinitely after days of protests, setbacks !!

I really am surprised.  I have been to plenty of rallies and protests and all too often they feel like orchestrated social temper release mechanisms.  Where we dump all of our energy and emotion into a certain cause, and then we are too invested in one concept to see the injustice running rampant everywhere, and too drained from rallying a large group of modern, short attention spanned humans to do anything about anything, other than amass huge email lists.

So to see people who really care about their island actually turn a $300 million Cruiser around and send it packing, well that’s truly inspiring.


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