Haiku’s for 8/31/07

Haiku’s for 8/31/07

As always I started the day with some poetry – The morning is the best time for me creatively.  I am able to have several hours to myself to write and play music.  And my mind races the moment that I wake up.

Where is the lighter?
It’s time for my morning bong
Start the day out right 🙂

I can sense you smile
Inspiration truly counts
try it, you will see

Alone in my bed
Natalie is out of town
The bed seems larger

My writings are good
But my music is better
Which do you prefer?

Visit my blog please
Increasing stats gives me joy
Does that seem stupid?

All my work today
For the whole planet’s laughter
I will play the clown

A crown on the head
Can deceive with appearance
Do you overstand?

My friends are Rastas
Labels applied can limit
I’m not a Rasta

Only the finest
It’s my family motto
A bumper sticker

Laughter at myself
Do you take me serious
We are but children

Money is no sweat
That energy is mastered
stand victorious

Do you work hard
Sometimes I don’t work at all
Other times I play

This is so easy
I do it subconsciously
Even when I sleep

I am becoming
All that I hoped to be
My dreams become real

©2007 Carlos Cardona

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