Haiku’s for 9/02/07 – Enjoy!

What day is complete without at least some Haiku time? -Los

Without you, I’m lost
You beacon like a lighthouse.
With you I am found.

I’m very grateful
You decided to read this
Write me a Haiku

Where did Mary go?
Where’s my only cigarette?
Did she fly away?

Who has the answer
I’ve been searching my whole life.
What was the question?

My wallet is full
And I guess that makes me glad
Although it weighs more

This Chronic is bomb
Minutes turn into hours
Where did my day go?

Who knows the Future?
Ripples in a Giant Pond
We shall ride the wave.

My Ancestors watch
Living Dreams and Fears through me
I feel Their Presence.

My Life for Your Life
May I walk miles in your shoes?
Here, give mine a try.

One more for the road
Even though I’m not leaving
I’m done with Haiku’s

©2007 Carlos Cardona

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