12 New Haiku’s for 9/03/07

Haiku’s for 9/03/07

Where are you going?
Are you traveling alone?
Want some company?

What is the purpose
Of our sweat and of our tears?
Lost, our innocence

I’m no Super-Man
Probably disappoint you
Fears that I gather

Watch on the table
Book-bag and shoes by the door
I’m ready to leave

The sun is shining
Yes, and the weather is sweet
Move your dancing feet

My cup is empty
Can you help me re-fill it?
I’d be most gracious

One for my ganja
You didn’t think I’d forget
No matter how high

Deep hit and I cough
I wonder can they hear me
In the other room

Eyes open in bed
Soft breeze moans through the window
I wrap in blankets

Pictures remind me
Of all the things I have done
My life has flowered

Sunglasses at night
Just so I can so I can
Appears in my head

Un mas para tu
Mi familia, amigo’s
Gratitude always.

©2007 Carlos Cardona

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