Haiku’s for 9/10/07 – Enjoy!!

Haiku’s for 9/10/07 – Enjoy!

Smoking some chronic
Is always how my day starts
Right at the sun rise

You don’t know me yet
But take my word, you will soon
I shall change the world

My turtle slides off
His rock, into the water
A red eared slider

The future’s unknown
We create with our choices
The paths we will walk

Its robot science.
Creating thinking machines.
Will they enslave us?

Asking I sound dumb,
But I’ll never know without
Asking the question.

My presence annoys
It is written on your face
I’m gone with the wind.

I’m on number eight
Of my ten haiku’s daily
Can I write two more?

Time to take the car,
And return it to its home.
Then we will walk back.

Thats it for today
My haiku time is over
See you tomorrow.

©2007 Carlos Cardona

1 Comment

  1. nish81 said,

    September 10, 2007 at 10:03 am

    Nice haikus you’ve got here – you’ve managed to kind of mix ‘serious’ haikus with playful haikus. I assume they’re meant to be read together as one collection instead of 10 separate haikus? Whatever the case, they’re neat.

    PS particularly liked the seventh haiku.

    – nish

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