Daily Haiku for 12/05/07

Time to dust off this Daily Haiku project…….

I don’t understand
The way you talk and treat me
I give you the world

More understanding
Comes rushing like tsunami
I am overwhelmed

Where are we headed
I seem to have lost my way
My path has grown dim

Birdsong for a clue
Whispers on the passing breeze
Oh to fly with you

Books, I consume them
Like fuel to a blazing flame
My life is knowledge

Relationships change
That at least I can Handle
You don’t understand

Seven’s where I stand
Seven, the step of current
Giving me power

Forget the Future
Let the past go as water
Breath in the moment

Universal mind
Creator and Destroyer
Micro and Macro

That’s it for today
I hope you are inspired
Together we learn

JAH Love Eternal!
©2007 Carlos Cardona

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