Debate over the Super-Ferry

As you know if you read this blog I have been keeping a regular post about the Super-Ferry situation in Hawaii.  Many people feel many different things about The Super-Ferry.  To some, it is hailed as the dawn of a new day in Hawaii tourism.  People will be able to travel inner-island with their families at a fraction of the cost, and when they get to their destination they can drive off the boat, saving them money again on car rentals.  Others see The Super-Ferry in a more negative light.  Pointing to environmental and even criminal concerns for both the local communities and the islands as a whole.
I have received mostly positive feedback from my coverage so far.  My blogs have been as unbiased as someone can be (no one is totally unbiased).  But today I got a comment from someone in the Pro Super-Ferry camp.  And as I have not received a single comment by someone in this camp I have decided to post it and my reply….

—–Tim Dick said, December 10, 2007 at 2:30 pm.  “I had no idea that the people of kauai were so stupid, and what about the rights of the super ferry business. The coast gaurd has the duty to stop the terrorist asault on local commerce .I assure you that the people protesting were not natives to kauai! Stop the bullshit!!!!! (the misspelling is his not mine)

and my reply…..

I agree that not everyone was native to Kauai, but I assure you that some were (the surfers who got arrested).
Also, I totally agree that there is a general “Neo-Luddite” feeling associated with a protest like this, but as I posted in an earlier blog – “On the one hand you can never stop change.  The Super-Ferry has been a long time coming and one way or another more and more people are going to be coming to the islands and they need to get inner-island.  But that doesn’t mean that we should charge ahead full steam without worrying of consequences.   And as this article says, “The Hawaii Super-ferry presents a classic case of how not to do business in Hawaii. Super-ferry’s lack of planning and violation of the Hawaii Environmental Protection Act has created a public debacle, inconvenienced its customers and put Hawaii’s environment at risk.”
Of course the coast guard has the right to protect big business.  But do you know much about evasive species of plants Mr. Dick?  The Hawaiian Islands and Kauai in particular are like isolatedpetri dishes, biological factories of breathtaking splendor and complexity.  When one species of plant or animal gets a foothold it can rapidly and drastically alter entire food chains and landscapes.  Frequent inter-island travel with cars is guaranteed to increase this problem.
Also, the islands suffer an crystal meth “ice” epidemic.  This inner-island ferry will increase the likelihood and ease of drug smuggling.  There is just no way the cops can search all of the cars.  They don’t have the money, manpower, or infrastructure.
And finally there are the environmental concerns.  The Super-Ferry has ignored a citation from the court on not fulfilling a Sierra Club safety risk test.  And started running early while everything was still in limbo in the courts.  Mr. Dick, the islands are blessed with a myriad of life.  Every ecological niche is filled with a bounty of creation.  Multiple species of whales come to Hawaii yearly to have there babies.  In between islands the mothers and calves swim and are beheld daily by locals and tourists.  The Super-Ferry runs the risk of disrupting these important habitats and these problems just haven’t been addressed fully enough to begin big business.  There really is more at stake here than the interest of Super-Ferry shareholders.


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  1. capt enzo said,

    July 18, 2008 at 3:38 pm

    Glad i no more stay there…. my people have turned into kooks.

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