The Singularity draws closer!

As The Singularity draws closer every moment. I pause to reflect the changing of the years and the coming of a new cycle. 2007 was crazy by all accounts. Humanity shone like never before while simultaneously dipping to degrading lows. Science and Technology promise marvelous achievements while a large part of all humans are needing basic necessities, both physical and spiritual. The consequences of having a society bound to the machine but unaware of it become obvious to me more everyday. To be so intimate with so great a power and be ignorant of its embrace, ahh that is bliss. But bliss only carries you so far. And bliss offers no answers when the rush of information leaves you dumbfounded. So, we are left becoming the knowledge itself. But the reaches of that statement are vast, and its consequences too great to behold today. Only tomorrow knows tomorrow. However, always have the prophets stood on the mountaintops and told us of the horizon. Only now the horizon is foreign to our basic primal gut, and the prophets are profits. For its not easy to knock the king off of the hill, and our kings have long lived atop their hills.
Will the Ultra Intelligence be us, As Ray Kurzweil argues? Can it be us? Ben Goerztel recently asked “are we creating a global moron?”. Is all of the information that we are feeding into the Global-Brain so pointless that we will create an ultra version of ourselves? It seems almost ironically right that our great master would be a dip-shit. But alas, I fear and hope that the Great Creator(s) has a far more strange and ultimately wonderful destiny in store for us than that. Together we will explore the corridors of time and space. Yes, together we will bubble up endlessly through multi-dimensional hyperspace. Together we will self improve our source code on the vast Meta-Computer. Yes, together we will make a better tomorrow.



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