Santa Cruz artist collaboration event on March 12th

Artist Collaboration concert and art showing. Featuring music by the band “The Omega Project”, as well as spoken word performance and gallery style exhibitions. Raffle prizes given away all night sponsored by “We Are California Grown” local apparel company. This is an all ages event. Dinner and drinks will also be available. Please come enjoy a night of great music, dancing and inspiration. Help keep the arts alive!! At The Attic, 931 Pacific Ave. Santa Cruz. 7pm-11pm. Portion of Proceeds to benefit local charity. For more on The Omega Project check out . Please check back later for more word on the artists!

UPDATE:  we have confirmed Adrian Rasmussen who will be painting live. his bio reads:

“Expression, Concentration, Relaxation, these are just a few of the many ways in which I use art.  However it is much more than that. I use colors to ignite emotions, the fluidity of lines to express my stream of concentration, and words to provoke different trains of thought.  Art for me is much more than the finished product. Art is the process which I use to express myself, therefore the expression is in the doing and the finished product is the imprint of what I was going through at the time.
Life itself is my art. So I create art out of life. I find myself exploring personal growth and reflection of this modern world in contrast with the serenity and knowing which we all possess. On occasion I poke at society’s downfalls; however I like to keep my artwork on the positive inspirational level. The interactions between the colors and lines as well as the graphical layout are all just as much a part of main concepts as the subject matter which I explore.
I am twenty six, born raised and residing in Santa Cruz, CA. I have been creating art ever since I could hold a pencil, before that.. with my fingers. I have taken many classes and and have used many techniques throughout the years. I am also fluent in various digital media.”


Also we are having Amisha Zuber.  “Amisha Zuber was born in Santa Barbara, California and was raised in a loving family of artists. Her father instilled the love of photography early.  A filmmaker and photographer, he broadened her world through the lens.  Amisha seriously began exploring the world of photography in college.  She attended The University of the Arts, where she went to school not for photography, but for the performing arts.  After three years, she ended the Philadelphia chapter of her life, and returned to California.  A person of many passions, Amisha also crafts artist books, paints in both watercolor and acrylic, and expresses her love of music and theatre through playing the drums, singing and acting.  She has completed a volume of poetry and is always letting the words come though her onto the page.  Today she resides between the mountains and ocean, utilizing the scenery around her to capture images of beauty.”  Check out her website @

Sally Ann Rodriguez

Do Art or Die !!! – Viva la Revolucion !!!! – Viva la Raza !!!

Long live the revolution of art, for it is this very expression, this endeavor that transcends all limitations, nationalities, and is the true emancipation of the soul. The closest we can get to God and the next best thing to nature. I work to live and I live to work, and it has been in this vein that the celebration of life, the lust for her, and all things beautiful find voice. Creativity is the means to commune and embrace which therefore is the necessity of art. Without the freedom to express what naturally transpires in each of us we are forever groping for a commonality.

I live my work because I believe in the healing power of creativity. My faith in color and beauty is the vessel in which I travel. I, simply a channel of experience, as we all are, and thus capable of transcendence. There is no other reason for the act of creativity, the sheer joy it offers in the excitement and collaboration with others. The power of beauty is great, and I am thankful to feel and fight, and believe that the simple act of putting color to canvas, harmony to sound, form to emotion, or dance to intuition is the key to peace, the greatness of a country, the true emancipation and journey to all things humanitarian.

This is what I know and believe.

Sally Ann Rodriguez 

Sally Ann is a California native, born and raised in the Bay Area. She began painting while living in Missoula, Montana and is self-taught. She currently resides in Martinez, CA.

Allison Marie Garcia

Legalize It!!

Legalize it – don’t criticize it
Legalize it and i will advertise it

Some call it tampee
Some call it the weed
Some call it Marijuana
Some of them call it Ganja

Legalize it – don’t criticize it
Legalize it and i will advertise it

Singer smoke it
And players of instruments too
Legalize it, yeah, yeah
That’s the best thing you can do
Doctors smoke it
Nurses smoke it
Judges smoke it
Even the lawyers too

Legalize it – don’t criticize it
Legalize it and i will advertise it

It’s good for the flu
It’s good for asthma
Good for tuberculosis
Even umara composis

Legalize it – don’t criticize it
Legalize it and i will advertise it

Bird eat it
Ants love it
Fowls eat it
Goats love to play with it

Natalies Valentines Day Poem

Good Morning my Love,
Awaken to the Beautiful Great Mystery.
Your affection like Infinite Freedom.
Our Passion, a Catalysing Flame,
Purging our lives of the unnecessary.
Alone, I wandered wondering,
Together, I search no longer.
Your simple answers sooth my troubled mind.
My rough edges, smoothed by your Precious Embrace.
Yesterday, we made love.
Tomorrow I pray we do the same.
But even if parted for a million lifetimes,
Your Sacred Light would be enough
to guide me home.

©2008 Carlos Cardona

A poem for Patience

Together we harmonize-

Your voice like sweet syrup-
Coating the troughs of my sound wave.
The words you’ve written,
testament to future generations of the passion of our age.
The Age of Opposites.
The song’s we composed,
4 dimensional gateways with which to time travel.
For you I pen this-
My brother and companion

©2008 Carlos Cardona

Here is a website that fights for Prisoners Rights.  We must resist becoming numb to others pain.  United we stand Divided we fall…

A Prisoners Prayer #2

Today I awaken free.  No one telling me when to eat and what to wear.  This morning, in this moment I am free.  And if you are reading this, then so are you.  Perhaps you have never been to jail, so it is hard for you to associate with the imprisoned.  But you need only remember a time when you were terrified, remember a time when you were full of regret.  For it is these emotions that tend to swallow whole someone facing imprisonment.
We are all so immature at heart.  We all have so many unanswered questions that linger.  We have all messed up according to the laws of the land.  It’s just that some of us are born with more money then others.  These wealthier of us tend to not see the same side of the law as the poorer of us.  And so worldwide, our brothers and sisters await their destiny in steel cages.  Worldwide, poor people marginalized.
Let us send out a Great Prayer for the worlds prisoners.  For we are all Prisoners of the Mind War.  Though your body may roam free today, there are no guarantees for tomorrow.  Each and every person alive faces  a great challenge in overcoming the current situation of the world.  For too long those in power have used fear and greed to manipulate weaker minds into subservience.  So many amazing minds that have been stifled.  So many beautiful poets who never spoke, singers who never sung.  Too easy is it to cave to criticism, too hard to march to your own beat.  Yet, our beauty is our diversity.  Our Great Heritage is our common Humanity.
If you know someone imprisoned.  Please take time today to pray for them and if possible contact them.  The worst regret is when you think that you have been forgotten.  When you picture your lover in anothers embrace.  When your children think you are a loser and no longer send cards.
We have all messed up, whether you have been caught or not.  And everything is relative.  Prison and Jail should be reserved for people who are too violent to be in society.  And even then, these people should be rehabilitated as quickly as possible and released.  Locking someone in solitary confinement and treating them like an animal only perpetuates their actions.  But who can blame a guard dealing with a 350 pound man who is acting violent.  So where is the answer?
The answer is in the system.  Currently you need money to be successful in this system.  Very rarely does someone who isn’t represented well catch a “lucky” break.  But we can change that.  Each and every one of us can make life better for each and every one of us each day.  By simply reminding yourself every morning that everyone you see (even the plants and animals) shares a common heritage.  We are all brothers and sisters according to D.N.A.!  And it is up to all of us to uplift our fellow brothers and sisters.  There are more than enough resources to take care of everyone.  But it is up to us to not be greedy and share.  it is up to us to not be afraid to reach out to someone of a different color, someone poorer than us.
Even deeper than money though, is the respect and passion with which we need to reevaluate our world.  We have been given something beautiful, but the earth can take no more.  She has given us life and culture, but she can remove both quickly.  In this generation, we will sculpt the earth and set the course of history.  We must remain vigilant that humanity not be marginalized and the earth not be set off balance.  It will truly be in each and every action that we pave the way of Freedom for our children.

also: A Prisoners Prayer #1

©2008 Carlos Cardona

Naomi Wolf – The End of America (Amazing Video on personal liberties!)

There is an attack currently under way on the freedoms and lifestyles that we in the modern world take for granted. Cleverly masked in the newest commercial fad and justified by “terrorism” drastic measures are being enacted that successfully subvert the rule of law and enslave the masses to a fascist dictatorship. Here is an amazing video of Naomi Wolf talking about her new book “The End Of America”. 10 steps that any would be dictator must accomplish to destroy a democracy. These are perhaps the most important times that the human race has ever faced. It is truly our generation that will be the catalyst for the Great Change. Let us come together both physically and spiritually for the good of the future generations of all Sentient Beings!


Kundalini Yoga Mantra and Prayer

There exists One Creator throughout the Creation whose name is Truth.  Greatest is the ecstasy of that Supreme Wisdom.

Oh Formless in every form,
Oh Infinite of every finite,
Oh Unknown, known through
the entire creation.
Oh, Beyond, still bound by love,
It was Your Grace that you spoke
and You heard,
You made it possible that all people,
Your creatures, could come
and could share Your Grace.
Give us power to walk
on the path of righteousness;
Give us humility to serve
and find love of our brothers and sisters;
Give us tranquility and peace to find
the higher realms of consciousness.
May Your Grace lead us
to the light of Infinity;
May our trip to the world be successful,
To spread Your Service so the
fellow Mankind can share.
May this day bring us a
peaceful onward journey.
May Your Grace prevail,
And may You lift us
to the levitated consciousness.
Oh God of Gods, oh Lord of Lords,
if you have been so kind and merciful
to bring us together with You,
oh Infinite, oh Unknown, oh Beyond
still bound by love.
Give us the power of happiness,
joy and bliss, so we can live
in the ecstasy of consciousness.
Sat Nam

A Prisoners Prayer #1

-I am a bright light shining fiercely, and when my beam is focused the way is bathed in Luminescence for all to see.-
    How do we treat our criminals and imprisoned?  In what circumstances do those in bondage find themselves?  Locked in cages of steel both mentally and physically, those who find themselves on the wrong side of the law get infected by a disease of anguish and despair, guilt and fear.  Those without money or family to pull power strings languish in concrete cell-blocks, grimly awaiting their fate.  Fully grown children lashing out at guards and being stuck in solitary confinement.  Eternally longing for a lost lover, forever wishing to take back that one moment.
If you’ve never been there be thankful.  But be wary.  The beast grows stronger each moment, and to be in every-ones life appears an immanent goal.  We, the “free”, must give our liberties to each and every person, worldwide.  Nothing can be gained by fighting.  There is no army strong enough to win by force.  Our liberties, and more importantly the liberties of future generations will be written in the kind words we speak to someone troubled, will be fully realized in the coming struggle.  Our Great Future will be penned by the present generation.  Divine Poets and Authors Arise!  Arise and pen the Verse of Freedom!  True words spoken ring true always.  And the pen shall forever be much mightier than the sword.  Our imprisoned brothers and sisters have no voice, they have been systematically  turned down.  Their wails and crys a monotoned groan too low to hear above the chaos of society.
And believe it or not, these prisoners are the lucky ones.  I raise a prayer for those locked up at secret prisons worldwide.  Totally deprived of rights and due process.  Who hears their crys?  We are all ONE!  At the quantum level all of creation threads in a Great Tapestry.  There is no segregation.  Fatal disease infects all.  Help me heal ourselves.  Both physically and spiritually.  Before we are separated and segregated.  Before we are all graded and labelled.  Our common heritage is our humanity.  Our past is riddled with holes from war and class division.  Let our future be solid from out unity.  Let our unity be cemented by our wisdom.  Let our wisdom be forged by our passion.  Let our passion be ignited by our birthright.

also: A Prisoners Prayer #2

©2008 Carlos Cardona