A Prisoners Prayer #1

-I am a bright light shining fiercely, and when my beam is focused the way is bathed in Luminescence for all to see.-
    How do we treat our criminals and imprisoned?  In what circumstances do those in bondage find themselves?  Locked in cages of steel both mentally and physically, those who find themselves on the wrong side of the law get infected by a disease of anguish and despair, guilt and fear.  Those without money or family to pull power strings languish in concrete cell-blocks, grimly awaiting their fate.  Fully grown children lashing out at guards and being stuck in solitary confinement.  Eternally longing for a lost lover, forever wishing to take back that one moment.
If you’ve never been there be thankful.  But be wary.  The beast grows stronger each moment, and to be in every-ones life appears an immanent goal.  We, the “free”, must give our liberties to each and every person, worldwide.  Nothing can be gained by fighting.  There is no army strong enough to win by force.  Our liberties, and more importantly the liberties of future generations will be written in the kind words we speak to someone troubled, will be fully realized in the coming struggle.  Our Great Future will be penned by the present generation.  Divine Poets and Authors Arise!  Arise and pen the Verse of Freedom!  True words spoken ring true always.  And the pen shall forever be much mightier than the sword.  Our imprisoned brothers and sisters have no voice, they have been systematically  turned down.  Their wails and crys a monotoned groan too low to hear above the chaos of society.
And believe it or not, these prisoners are the lucky ones.  I raise a prayer for those locked up at secret prisons worldwide.  Totally deprived of rights and due process.  Who hears their crys?  We are all ONE!  At the quantum level all of creation threads in a Great Tapestry.  There is no segregation.  Fatal disease infects all.  Help me heal ourselves.  Both physically and spiritually.  Before we are separated and segregated.  Before we are all graded and labelled.  Our common heritage is our humanity.  Our past is riddled with holes from war and class division.  Let our future be solid from out unity.  Let our unity be cemented by our wisdom.  Let our wisdom be forged by our passion.  Let our passion be ignited by our birthright.

also: A Prisoners Prayer #2

©2008 Carlos Cardona


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