Kundalini Yoga Mantra and Prayer

There exists One Creator throughout the Creation whose name is Truth.  Greatest is the ecstasy of that Supreme Wisdom.

Oh Formless in every form,
Oh Infinite of every finite,
Oh Unknown, known through
the entire creation.
Oh, Beyond, still bound by love,
It was Your Grace that you spoke
and You heard,
You made it possible that all people,
Your creatures, could come
and could share Your Grace.
Give us power to walk
on the path of righteousness;
Give us humility to serve
and find love of our brothers and sisters;
Give us tranquility and peace to find
the higher realms of consciousness.
May Your Grace lead us
to the light of Infinity;
May our trip to the world be successful,
To spread Your Service so the
fellow Mankind can share.
May this day bring us a
peaceful onward journey.
May Your Grace prevail,
And may You lift us
to the levitated consciousness.
Oh God of Gods, oh Lord of Lords,
if you have been so kind and merciful
to bring us together with You,
oh Infinite, oh Unknown, oh Beyond
still bound by love.
Give us the power of happiness,
joy and bliss, so we can live
in the ecstasy of consciousness.
Sat Nam


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