A Prisoners Prayer #2

Today I awaken free.  No one telling me when to eat and what to wear.  This morning, in this moment I am free.  And if you are reading this, then so are you.  Perhaps you have never been to jail, so it is hard for you to associate with the imprisoned.  But you need only remember a time when you were terrified, remember a time when you were full of regret.  For it is these emotions that tend to swallow whole someone facing imprisonment.
We are all so immature at heart.  We all have so many unanswered questions that linger.  We have all messed up according to the laws of the land.  It’s just that some of us are born with more money then others.  These wealthier of us tend to not see the same side of the law as the poorer of us.  And so worldwide, our brothers and sisters await their destiny in steel cages.  Worldwide, poor people marginalized.
Let us send out a Great Prayer for the worlds prisoners.  For we are all Prisoners of the Mind War.  Though your body may roam free today, there are no guarantees for tomorrow.  Each and every person alive faces  a great challenge in overcoming the current situation of the world.  For too long those in power have used fear and greed to manipulate weaker minds into subservience.  So many amazing minds that have been stifled.  So many beautiful poets who never spoke, singers who never sung.  Too easy is it to cave to criticism, too hard to march to your own beat.  Yet, our beauty is our diversity.  Our Great Heritage is our common Humanity.
If you know someone imprisoned.  Please take time today to pray for them and if possible contact them.  The worst regret is when you think that you have been forgotten.  When you picture your lover in anothers embrace.  When your children think you are a loser and no longer send cards.
We have all messed up, whether you have been caught or not.  And everything is relative.  Prison and Jail should be reserved for people who are too violent to be in society.  And even then, these people should be rehabilitated as quickly as possible and released.  Locking someone in solitary confinement and treating them like an animal only perpetuates their actions.  But who can blame a guard dealing with a 350 pound man who is acting violent.  So where is the answer?
The answer is in the system.  Currently you need money to be successful in this system.  Very rarely does someone who isn’t represented well catch a “lucky” break.  But we can change that.  Each and every one of us can make life better for each and every one of us each day.  By simply reminding yourself every morning that everyone you see (even the plants and animals) shares a common heritage.  We are all brothers and sisters according to D.N.A.!  And it is up to all of us to uplift our fellow brothers and sisters.  There are more than enough resources to take care of everyone.  But it is up to us to not be greedy and share.  it is up to us to not be afraid to reach out to someone of a different color, someone poorer than us.
Even deeper than money though, is the respect and passion with which we need to reevaluate our world.  We have been given something beautiful, but the earth can take no more.  She has given us life and culture, but she can remove both quickly.  In this generation, we will sculpt the earth and set the course of history.  We must remain vigilant that humanity not be marginalized and the earth not be set off balance.  It will truly be in each and every action that we pave the way of Freedom for our children.

also: A Prisoners Prayer #1

©2008 Carlos Cardona


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