Santa Cruz artist collaboration event on March 12th

Artist Collaboration concert and art showing. Featuring music by the band “The Omega Project”, as well as spoken word performance and gallery style exhibitions. Raffle prizes given away all night sponsored by “We Are California Grown” local apparel company. This is an all ages event. Dinner and drinks will also be available. Please come enjoy a night of great music, dancing and inspiration. Help keep the arts alive!! At The Attic, 931 Pacific Ave. Santa Cruz. 7pm-11pm. Portion of Proceeds to benefit local charity. For more on The Omega Project check out . Please check back later for more word on the artists!

UPDATE:  we have confirmed Adrian Rasmussen who will be painting live. his bio reads:

“Expression, Concentration, Relaxation, these are just a few of the many ways in which I use art.  However it is much more than that. I use colors to ignite emotions, the fluidity of lines to express my stream of concentration, and words to provoke different trains of thought.  Art for me is much more than the finished product. Art is the process which I use to express myself, therefore the expression is in the doing and the finished product is the imprint of what I was going through at the time.
Life itself is my art. So I create art out of life. I find myself exploring personal growth and reflection of this modern world in contrast with the serenity and knowing which we all possess. On occasion I poke at society’s downfalls; however I like to keep my artwork on the positive inspirational level. The interactions between the colors and lines as well as the graphical layout are all just as much a part of main concepts as the subject matter which I explore.
I am twenty six, born raised and residing in Santa Cruz, CA. I have been creating art ever since I could hold a pencil, before that.. with my fingers. I have taken many classes and and have used many techniques throughout the years. I am also fluent in various digital media.”


Also we are having Amisha Zuber.  “Amisha Zuber was born in Santa Barbara, California and was raised in a loving family of artists. Her father instilled the love of photography early.  A filmmaker and photographer, he broadened her world through the lens.  Amisha seriously began exploring the world of photography in college.  She attended The University of the Arts, where she went to school not for photography, but for the performing arts.  After three years, she ended the Philadelphia chapter of her life, and returned to California.  A person of many passions, Amisha also crafts artist books, paints in both watercolor and acrylic, and expresses her love of music and theatre through playing the drums, singing and acting.  She has completed a volume of poetry and is always letting the words come though her onto the page.  Today she resides between the mountains and ocean, utilizing the scenery around her to capture images of beauty.”  Check out her website @

Sally Ann Rodriguez

Do Art or Die !!! – Viva la Revolucion !!!! – Viva la Raza !!!

Long live the revolution of art, for it is this very expression, this endeavor that transcends all limitations, nationalities, and is the true emancipation of the soul. The closest we can get to God and the next best thing to nature. I work to live and I live to work, and it has been in this vein that the celebration of life, the lust for her, and all things beautiful find voice. Creativity is the means to commune and embrace which therefore is the necessity of art. Without the freedom to express what naturally transpires in each of us we are forever groping for a commonality.

I live my work because I believe in the healing power of creativity. My faith in color and beauty is the vessel in which I travel. I, simply a channel of experience, as we all are, and thus capable of transcendence. There is no other reason for the act of creativity, the sheer joy it offers in the excitement and collaboration with others. The power of beauty is great, and I am thankful to feel and fight, and believe that the simple act of putting color to canvas, harmony to sound, form to emotion, or dance to intuition is the key to peace, the greatness of a country, the true emancipation and journey to all things humanitarian.

This is what I know and believe.

Sally Ann Rodriguez 

Sally Ann is a California native, born and raised in the Bay Area. She began painting while living in Missoula, Montana and is self-taught. She currently resides in Martinez, CA.

Allison Marie Garcia


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