What is the Future of TV?

Cool blog today on Moblogic.tv – What is the future of TV?

“The future of television is MobLogic.

Kidding, of course. Like the people we interviewed, we have absolutely no clue what the future of television will be.

Still, we were happy to be invited to The Future of Television conference. Lindsay moderated a panel on Internet programming, and Carson Daly’s keynote actually made us reconsider our opinion of him. The guy knows what he’s talking about.

Our television viewing habits have changed so much in just a few years. We now have digital video recorders, tons of Internet video sites, and soon we might have a good method of getting our web video onto the big screens in the family room. We have video on demand, digital downloads, and Netflix. So is anyone still watching TV shows when they’re actually on?

We’re sure some do, but people who can afford it (and lots of us who can’t) choose to get their programming when they want it and where they want it. Interactivity seems to be increasingly important, too. Looks like television has some catching up to do. Or maybe it’s just time for web video to take over the world.

Delusions of grandeur aside, things are looking good for the Internet. Whether the writers’ strike helped things or not, people are more and more interested in web video. Maybe the content is getting better, or maybe its just good marketing, but re-runs and crappy sitcoms aren’t a good enough alternative to original programming anymore, whether it’s on the Internet, cable, or broadcast.

We’re not trying to say the future of television is the Internet. Not seriously, anyway. But there’s a change coming. Whether it’s more interactivity via your remote or a cable box that recognizes your body shape, people want more. And the Internet is pushing the change along with the viewers. People who can comment easily online want to be able to comment on a show they’re watching. They want to be a part of the content.

So yeah, we have no idea what the future of television will be. But hey, it’s fun to guess.

Think you know what’s going to happen? Give us your version of the future in the comments.”

And my reply
    “Instead of saying the Future of Television is the Internet.  Try saying, the Future of The Internet is Television.  When the television was invented people didn’t look at is at the future of radio, it is clearly a different medium.  Television got its early cues and directions from the existing news and entertainment radio shows of the time.  Similarly today, the Internet, now fast becoming more interactive and video saturated is getting its initial cues from TV, but will soon dominate as it comes into its own.  Businesses building brand online (likeMobLogic ) in 5 years will surely reap the digital seeds that they have sown.  The future of “TV” as we know it today is to at first slowly and then rapidly decline in influence.  Then to be replaced by Large screens will built in drives and wireless.  “TV” stations like CBS and NBC will devote more and more resources to their online presence, eventually allowing a more Hulu.com like experience.  And this is all in the 5 year range,  wait until full body virtual immersion!  By that time, a TV will seem as outdated as a phonograph.  MOBLOGIC Rocks!  Keep up the good works!”

What do you think?  Please tell me in the comments where you see the future of TV and the Internet going.



  1. Michael said,

    April 3, 2008 at 12:03 am

    To whom it may concern,

    You bring up a interesting point. The future is what we make it, and anything can happen. The question is who has the deck of cards in their hands? I believe News Corp. might have a run for their money. I think indie followings might break away from the normal high syndicated shows. Which sadly are left either to be hit or miss. Things begin to deviate from the typical monopoly’s of the old analog generation. Viva Le Shlumps.


  2. rikez said,

    April 4, 2008 at 6:54 am

    I think in the future, we can access internet with television, so television = internet.

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