Being Human: Human Computer interaction in 2020

Microsoft just released the report on their 2007 conference Being Human: Human-Computer interaction in the year 2020.  When a heavyweight like Microsoft throws their weight behind a concept, no longer does Ray Kurzweil seem so “fringe”.  Human-Computer interaction is indeed going to change Microsoft argues, going from the Mobility Era (with multiple computers per user) into the Ubiquity era (with thousands of computers per user).   This is a landmark report. Microsoft is a multi-billion dollar a year company, and with them openly touting a new OS called “Singularity” and releasing reports on “Human-Computer Interaction”, it is now only a matter of time before the public at large acknowledge and accept the undergoing changes worldwide.  Have no doubt my friends, THE SINGULARITY IS NEAR…

Read Being Human: Human Computer Interaction in the Year 2020

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  1. gumba88 said,

    April 19, 2009 at 7:03 pm

    The “thousands of computers per user” thought that they are expressing is in many ways already here. Now the virtual world of thousands of computers per person is realized, just ask any torrent user. The ability to be hooked up and receiving information from many different computers at the same time is not that new. The future of wireless technology is where the report and the world in 2020 will really shine. McDonalds already gives free computer games in its happy meals. Wireless access is available in my new desktop, and is as small as 3G cards offered by cell phone companies. The iPhone and iTouch also connect wirelessly with their impressively small size. My prediction would be not that users will just have thousands of computers per person, but that all of these will be talking to each other as well. From the chips in the car in the drive way, to the flat screen television in the refrigerator, to the exercise bike and the newly acquired electronic device you picked up earlier…in the happy meal.

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