Much love to Radical Russ and NORML!

Big thanks to Radical Russ, Cannabis Karri, and NORML for the interview on April 10Th’s Daily Audio Stash. And for including us in the Weekend Music Stash. It was Carlos’ 27TH birthday and everything went great. The conversation danced around the absurdity of the War on (some) Drugs. Allow me to recap: Over 800,000 arrests each year for marijuana. Over 700,000 of those are for possession only. 5 states spend more money on corrections then education. 60% of prisoners are incarcerated for drugs. 3 strikes law means 3 felonies = natural life!!! 5000 years of recorded cannabis use and not 1 recorded overdose. Global Warming, resource wars, pharmaceutical companies shoving pills down our throats, Its time to legalize cannabis for medical, recreation, and industry. END THE WAR ON (some) DRUGS!! Set the Captives Free! Cannabem liberemus! Hear them both: April 10Th’s Daily Audio Stash Weekend Music Stash

April 10ths Daily Audio Stash Blog Post


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