Prohibition is a truly a multi faceted jewel of feces

For as long as there has been recorded history, people have had the liberty to experiment with their minds and bodies. Indigenous cultures worldwide revealed the Shaman, and the lessons and wisdom that he brought back from the medicine quest. Some people speculate the apes that ate psychedelic mushrooms and with that deep insight developed math and religion, evolved into modern humans. It is only in today’s context of mind control and oppression that “drugs” are stereotyped as “wrong” or even “evil”. Mind expanding substances are not looked kindly upon by someone attempting to control your mind.
What is a drug? Any substance that when taken into the body, alters bodily function. There are good drugs, bad drugs, legal drugs, illegal drugs, all natural drugs, processed drugs, street drugs, government sanctioned drugs, soft drugs, hard drugs, drug gumbo, drug soup…. And the ever looming WAR ON DRUGS. Or more correctly, The War on (SOME) Drugs, drugs that actually heal both the mind and spirit. Because that is what is happening. Pharmaceutical companies are feeding millions of people “Drugs” that are ultimately lead to both addiction and disease. I’ll write that line again. The “Drugs” coming out of pharmacies are doing far more damage to both the human body and the world then drugs that are illegal. Prohibition of drugs also does more damage to our culture and world then legalization. It was during Alcohol Prohibition that the Mob gained a strong foothold in the United States. And it is this current prohibition of “(some) Drugs” that has allowed pharmaceutical companies to grab a foothold on peoples hearts and minds, and now their DNA.
Prohibition is a truly a multi faceted jewel of feces. On one face, making “(some) drugs” illegal, pushes the market for them underground. At the same time both creating and funding a massive black market, and depriving the economy of money. On another face, spending Hundreds of Billions of dollars each year to surveil, arrest, prosecute, house, and rehabilitate (some) drug users, also leaches money from our faltering economy, and hurts our families and culture. Prohibition is a “Gateway” mentality. By making marijuana illegal, it allows people interested in trying only marijuana to have access to other hard/street drugs.
People have always used “drugs”. Drug users are not criminals.
End The War on (some) Drugs!
Set the captives free!

HAPPY 420!!



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