Who or What are We Creating? – Transhumanism

Each day I read something regarding a major break though in science or technology. Each day something happens that would be monumental at any other moment in history, but we barely even notice it. We are reaching a point of take off in terms of what Moores Law and computing can show us. DNA Sequencing for the masses, Artificial Intelligence, A Theory of Everything, God like Machines, and many more wonders appear to be on humanities horizon. Cochlear implants, Verichip, and BrainGate show very clearly that humans are all too willing to to meld with their machines. But key questions are not being asked as a culture. Transhumanism attempts to ask some of the questions.

And many more. The world we live in is changing drastically. It appears that this generation has been given the task to “program” the next epoch of Space/Time. Wielding God like power, we will create an exponential reflection of our intentions and resources. But my question is, Who or What are we Creating?


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