To all women yound and old. Happy Mothers Day!

To all women, young and old.
I sing your praises and cover you with kisses on this, and every day.
Incubated in your ancient embrace, all humans pierced the veil and saw the light of life.
If not for your compassion, who would feed us? If not for your wisdom, who would teach us?
Oh woman and mother, conceiver of all possibility. Both plant and flower.
Your essence has been my strength, a compass point, when blown wildly off course by the winds of consequence.
The light of Womanhood has long been a treasure both desired and sought after by all Mankind.
To light our way and show us our simply misunderstandings.
Never have you faltered in your endless love. Never have you left me tossed and broken.
And for this I will honor you always.

Happy Mothers Day


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