A baseball cap that can read your mind.

“It looks like an ordinary baseball cap. But when you put it on, the cap detects and analyzes the electroencephalogram (EEG) signals from your brain. It can even tell you if you’re getting too sleepy when driving based on your brain wave patterns. Similar technology could also allow you to control home electronics such as TVs, computers, and air conditioners, all by just thinking about them. The cap contains five embedded dry electrodes on the wearer’s forehead, and one electrode behind the left ear, that acquire EEG signals. Then, the EEG signals are wirelessly transmitted to a data receiver, where they are processed in real-time by a dual-core processor. The BCI system includes Bluetooth transmission for distances of 10m or less (e.g., for driving applications), as well as RF transmission for distances up to 600m (e.g., for potential sports applications). Next, the processed signals are transmitted back to the cap, where the data can be stored, displayed in real-time on a screen, or be used to trigger an audio warning, if necessary.”

Thanks to Physorg.com for the article.

I can only imagine the ones that aren’t allowed to be shown to the public. This, just a few generations older, is just one of many new technologies that are truly historic in the sense that they change the playing field dramatically. Seeking and attaining insight into the body and mind has long been a goal of mystics and scholars the world over. And introducing computers in the form of hats, gloves, and suits will surely speed up the mapping of the inner self. This is the most important time to raise questions about who is to benefit from these technologies. More and more everyday there is a gap that is developing between the haves and the have not’s. With the promise of reverse engineering the human brain, A.I., genetics, The Theory of Everything, Nanotech , Quantum Engineering, and so much more right at societies fingertips, the next few generations of humans will make a huge difference in the way our sector of the Universe ends up. If you draw a line for a million light years it will end up in a totally different place if you alter the trajectory just a minutia in the first moments of projection. We are at that point now! Human intellect, and all Intelligence in The Universe seem poised to expand into some Neo -Evolution, Post-Human explosion. And it is our choice, and the choice of our children which trajectory we set the explosion and expansion on.
It has always been that if you were wealthy then you could send your child to a nicer school and therefore your child would have a better chance of being wealthy, and so on. But today, more so in the coming years, a wealthy person will be able to endow their child with much more than a good education and a trust fund. Soon, if not already, wealthy parents will have the option of adding a couple chromosomes to the DNA, boosting intelligence, or strength, disease resistance or beauty. If that doesn’t work then there will be implants for the brain that allow a child to think a billion times faster and be connected to the worldwide mind. If that doesn’t work there will be pills with billions and billions of nanobots that once swallowed will perform your body system functions for you, allowing superhuman powers. My point isn’t to prohibit the development of this high technology. Anyone who reads The 507 Effect regularly know that I think prohibition is the problem. Just like with drugs and alcohol in the 20’s, prohibition only pushes whatever isn’t allowed into the black market. Raising prices, making it unsafe, and keeping it totally unregulated. PROHIBITION IS THE PROBLEM.
Regarding these new technologies. Once children are born who are genetically enhanced or chipped, the gap between haves and have not’s will become a gulf, and once left out of the “upgrade loop” the unenhanced would basically become a sub species of human. Ruled over by cyber-sapiens . That is why is is so important to raise these questions now. Although they seem fringe and crazy, some of the greatest minds in the world are working double time on these same issues and technologies. Will “Transhumanist” technologies benefit all humans? Or will there be an elite group of enhanced humans who rule over all? It’s up to us to decide.

New Music by The Omega Project

This is a new song by The Omega Project entitled “Been You”

Blue Cosmic Monkey

I Endure in order to Play
Transcending Illusion
I seal the Process of Magic
With the Cosmic tone of Presence
I am guided by the power of Vision