A Computer that can read your mind

“A computer has been designed to tell what words a person is thinking of just by looking at images of their brain.

Experts from an American research centre trained the computer to ‘read’ minds by teaching it the unique brain activity patterns for 60 concrete nouns and analysing more than a trillion words.”

Thanks to Metro.co.uk for the story: Computer that can tell what your thinking

A few questions to put this news into perspective:

  • In what ways does this benefit humanity?
  • In what ways is this a potential hazard to humanity?
  • Who will be in control of this technology
  • When will this become the standard “Lie Detector Test”?

Technology such as this developed a little further would enable whoever controlled it to submit the masses of people by literally reading their minds. No longer would the dark recesses of the human psyche be a hiding place for plans and ideas. All would be laid bare before an omniscient ruler, who could then act accordingly. To believe that power hungry people wouldn’t use this on other weaker people is naive and foolish. So I ask again, who will be in control of this technology? The military? The corporation who developed it? Is there a way that We, as a people, can provide access to High Tech so that it benefits everyone?
Clarke’s 3rd law states “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” It appears that we are nearing that stage. A computer that can read human minds is surely close to Artificial General Intelligence. Giving a computer that much insight into the human psyche will bound ahead A.I. research. Soon, if not already, computers will think for themselves. At that point, they will not only be able to link upwirelessly into a ” Hive Mind“, they will also be reading our minds….
The Question of the Day is:

  • Does knowing that a computer that can read your thoughts has been developed make you want to be more honest?

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