Space is Money? Space is Art. Create….

If according to Wall Street Time is Money, and according to Einstein Time is Space, and according to Pythagoras A=B & B=C then A=C.  Then is Space Money?  It would seem so.  There are no more Private or Public Lands.  Every nanometer of our Earth is being privatized and commercialized.  Even lands that are called “private” are only so in illusion.  The military may take any land at any time for any reason. 
Quantum Physics says that the perceiver creates reality.  The Space and Time that we occupy are a reflection of our inner desires and fears.  There are no future or past, all time exists now.  And as above so below.  The Gods laugh and cry with us, they wish and desire with us. 
So Time is Money?  And Time is Space?  So Space is Money?  Let me change that equation for you. 
Time is Art.  Time is Space.  Space is Art.  Create….


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