Is it real?

The desires and fears that we suppress, manifest physically.  Our life a symphony of synchronicity and miracles.  Think of all the decisions that each one of your ancestors made that led you to being here, now.  Every step, every choice.  Every life in the family tree that allowed you to be at this place at this time.  This is the Time of Great Potential.  A Time to weave magic and wonder into tapestries of mystery that will last all time.  This is also a Time of Great Deceit.  Ancient forces, controlling the world since the dawn of history, do not want to loose their grip on your mind and body, your spirit and soul. 
Now our Great Creator reveals Him/HerSelf.  Now our Great Destroyer triumphs.  Who will lift their voices in Praise during Tribulation?  Who will sing The Lords Name while crying?  Where is the Torch to light my path, the Lighthouse to bathe the shore in luminescence?  The aware wait vigilantly like monks, noting the seasons and looking daily toward The ONE.  To be alive now is a Most High Honor.  We are the most important link in the chain.  All of our ancestors led up to us.  And from us our descendants will flow, with more numbers than the stars in the heavens.  But the Earth is sick.  Our minds are sick.  The Universe is sick.  As above, so below.  This is a time of Great Confusion and Deceit, fear and greed being tuned and played like a dark orchestra.  To think independently is a crime.  The speak out about injustice, lunacy. 
Is it real?  My senses deceive.  The soft summer breeze kisses my cheek lightly.  Birds sing ancient melody.  But is it real?  What is it?  What is real?  Like a brain in a jar hooked up to electrodes, or a piece of self synthesizing software becoming aware, my spark is bright and flashing, my wave traveling outward at the speed of light.  But is it real?


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