Happy Punsavana! 120 days in the womb…

In many traditional cultures, the 120th day in the womb marked a rite of passage.  Muslims believe that at 120 days an Angel is sent to blow a spirit into the fetus.  The Angel then carries out 4 instructions :  to write down his livelihood, the span of his life, his deeds, and whether he is wretched or fortunate. Hindu’s also believe that a baby’s Spirit enters the fetus at 120 days, celebrating it with Punsavana, when special prayers are intoned for the protection and safe development of child and mother.  Science has come to back up these claims.  Brain activity truly picks up after 120 days, leading up to the baby dreaming at 161 days.   There are numerous other things which the fetus can do in this period. Such as expressing emotions (happiness, fear, disgust etc.) through it’s facial expressions. It can show anxiety through the sucking of the thumb, assert itself and protest through kicking, and it develops memory.

One other important development during this stage is the ability to distinguish and recognize sounds. Experiments have been carried out that proved this: – A newborn will prefer a story that has been read twice a day to it, when it was a fetus, to a new one.  –  A newborn will recognize and copy its mother’s words.  –  When a music was played, a newborn whose mother listened to that music during pregnancy, will calm down.

Today Natalie and I celebrate our baby’s 120th day in the womb!  Happy Punsavana!!  We have a thinker on our hands…




  1. amanda said,

    August 14, 2008 at 12:16 pm

    are you guys going to find out what your’e having, or are you going to let it be a mystery? i would never have the patience to wait!! not finding out though, is one of life’s only secrets…and a beautiful secret between the baby and God. i can’t wait to meet the new baby when he or she comes…are you all going to be coming to arizona any time soon? alex would really like to meet his cousin carlos 🙂 i love you guys!

    p.s. in reference to your plastic bag blog…i carry the cloth ones in my car so i never have to use plastic when i go to the grocery store…every little bit helps, right? haha…even prissy ole me…trying to be a little green 🙂

  2. cardona507 said,

    August 18, 2008 at 6:07 pm

    Hey Amanda! I didn’t know you checked out The 507 Effect. We found out that Natalie is having a baby boy! We are gonna name him Carlos Gabriel Edwards Cardona II. Your little boy(s) and my little boy are gonna be growing up together with Ciara’s little one! What a trip!

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