My morning dealing with TicketBastard

So even though I managed to Spend $350 to pre-order Phish tickets last week, it looks like I got shut out of the lottery.  The odd thing is, I don’t know of anyone who actually got tickets in the lottery.  I know for sure that my Housemate or any of his 8 friends did not, my sister did not, neither of my neighbors did, my friend from college didn’t, my sister’s two different friends didn’t, and I have read online of a bunch of people who didn’t.  And now this morning ticketbastard is telling me that they can’t locate them in their database but that they can link me to an affiliate site called “Tickets Now” that has General Admission seats for $1600 a piece!

General Admission Tickets sold for $49.50 and now they are going for $1600!!!  Fuck you ticketbastard!  And fuck all of your little affiliate fronts!  It’s insulting that a true fan of a band would

  1. Get denied tickets to a concert after pre-ordering tickets a week early
  2. Get redirected by ticketbastard to an affiliate that charges over %1000 higher for the tickets!

I have read online about people getting all 6 tickets that they preordered.  Why would Phish run their ticket system that way?  Why not give everyone who preordered at least one ticket to one night instead of giving some people all their requested tickets and some people none, leaving us to deal with the evil beast ticketbastard?

And regarding ticketbastard redirecting me to an affiliate site that sales tickets at a “market value” of %1000 mark up.  Fuck you!  You don’t deserve to be the intermediary between people and the live music experiences they love.  You are nothing more than a pimp who has prostituted our beautiful and inspiring industry!

And Phish, I know that you are gonna tour this summer and I will get my chance to see you again.  But it won’t be as special as this hampton show could have been.  I preordered those tickets with a zeal that I haven’t shown for a band since your “Final Show”, but it won’t happen again this summer.


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