The 507 Effect – Blogging

Today I want to talk about blogging, vlogging, and other forms of self expression that exist on-line.  Though relatively new concepts to the general public, these tools have actually been around for quite a few years.  The original scientists on the ARPANET were blogging in there own way.  But recently these tools have exploded into the mainstream, being adopted by people of all cultures.  Why do people blog?  For a multitude of reasons.  Traditional journalists are finding an outlet that is vastly superior to their paper mediums, artists and authors are finding a way to disseminate their writings to the world.  Families and friends stay updated and in touch, people spill their hearts out onto their on-line journals.  In a world that has been divided with war and class lines, blogs are opening up avenues of understanding and connection that previously did not exist.
This is an interesting time to be alive.  New models of expression are arising.  Untried and exciting art forms are being developed before our very eyes, in this generation.  So it is pretty cool to be involved and evolved enough to participate in the trend.  And this is only the beginning.  Holograms, virtual worlds, live video streaming from your phone, soon this will all be ubiquitous and people who would have never considered having a blog will have 2 or 3.
The important thing to remember is that website hits don’t matter nearly as much as content.  Of course there is a fine balance between the two.  If you are writing world class stuff but are getting 0 hits then your writing is going nowhere.  On the other hand if you are getting 1,000,000 hits a day but only copying and pasting other peoples writings then it doesn’t matter either.  The key is to find that balance: fresh and interesting content with an original voice and a loyal group of readers/bloggers.  The most important of all of these is an original voice.  That is the very essence of blogging, having a place to express yourself.  By putting your stuff online, you are accepting that some people may walk by and not like it.  Just as likely is someone who will walk by, like it, and leave a comment with a link to their site.  Kindly do the same on their site, and soon you will have a loyal reader, as well as someone of a like mind that is posting original content also.  And by this methodground-roots communities emerge out of the billions of people online.
Question of the day:  Why do you blog?

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  1. Tilly said,

    November 21, 2008 at 10:10 pm

    At first I began blogging to make my journaling a little more public and log my life. Soon I found out that my blog not only helped enrich my own life and provide me with an outlet, but it also helped others. After blogging for a while I began to realize that my views began to change and evolve due to my blog and my blog helped me to become not only a healthy thinker, but it helped me to become more accepting of the views of others, through my readers comments and opinions. Now, my blog is growing into more of an informative blog, not just about ME but one that is about US as a family, the human race.

    I think you might like my last entry….but its LLLLLLLLLLOOOOONG!!!!!!


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