Introducing the world to Lauren Elizabeth Lindsay!

My family is growing quickly!  My cousin Amanda is having a baby girl!  Her name is Lauren Elizabeth Lindsay.  I also pray protection and inspiration over her life!

Introducing the world to Harper Croix Ragains!

My sister is having a baby boy!  His name is Harper Croix Ragains.  This is his ultrasound picture.  I send out a prayer of inspiration, protection, and passionate wisdom over his life!

What would I like for our baby boy?

  1. A sacred moment of conception.
  2. The very best of Natalie’s and my DNA.
  3. A healthy and successful pregnancy.
  4. A quick and painless birth. 
  5. A powerful first breath.
  6. A strong and steady heartbeat.
  7. A full and complete body and mind.
  8. A bright awareness and deep consciousness.
  9. A stable home and family.
  10. The very best breast milk.
  11. All clothing and bedding.
  12. Happy and Healthy friends and relatives.
  13. A great sense of humor.
  14. Endless opportunity.
  15. Endless resources both interior and exterior.
  16. Defined and refined musical taste and talent.
  17. Boundless imagination.
  18. Depths of compassion and love.
  19. Wisdom beyond his years.
  20. Deep understanding and insight.
  21. Life Everlasting.

Pictures of our baby boy- Carlos Gabriel Edwards Cardona II

Natalie and I found out that we are having a baby boy! Praise JAH! His name is Carlos Gabriel Edwards Cardona II. I send out a prayer of guidance, inspiration, and Divine Protection over his life. AUM

In this picture he is laying on his left side and holding his right hand up to his ear.  He is also flashing a peace sign.  I like to think that He is a peace activist and that he is hosting a “sit in” for babies rights!

Happy Punsavana! 120 days in the womb…

In many traditional cultures, the 120th day in the womb marked a rite of passage.  Muslims believe that at 120 days an Angel is sent to blow a spirit into the fetus.  The Angel then carries out 4 instructions :  to write down his livelihood, the span of his life, his deeds, and whether he is wretched or fortunate. Hindu’s also believe that a baby’s Spirit enters the fetus at 120 days, celebrating it with Punsavana, when special prayers are intoned for the protection and safe development of child and mother.  Science has come to back up these claims.  Brain activity truly picks up after 120 days, leading up to the baby dreaming at 161 days.   There are numerous other things which the fetus can do in this period. Such as expressing emotions (happiness, fear, disgust etc.) through it’s facial expressions. It can show anxiety through the sucking of the thumb, assert itself and protest through kicking, and it develops memory.

One other important development during this stage is the ability to distinguish and recognize sounds. Experiments have been carried out that proved this: – A newborn will prefer a story that has been read twice a day to it, when it was a fetus, to a new one.  –  A newborn will recognize and copy its mother’s words.  –  When a music was played, a newborn whose mother listened to that music during pregnancy, will calm down.

Today Natalie and I celebrate our baby’s 120th day in the womb!  Happy Punsavana!!  We have a thinker on our hands…


The Birth of a New World. To my unborn child.

When energy is free to all humanity. Then I will feel like I have served my unborn child.
When no one on earth is hungry. Then I will feel like I have served my unborn child.
When war is a nightmare of yesterday. Then I will feel like I have served my unborn child.
When the future looks better than the past. Then I will feel like I have served my unborn child.
When core human rights are truly guaranteed to all, without regard to race. Then I will feel like I have served my unborn child.
When my child is my age and takes the reigns. Then I will feel like I have served my unborn child.

Natalie and I are having a baby!
The Due Date is NEW YEARS EVE!!

NORML podcast on my birthday!! :)

NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) has a daily podcast, entitled Daily Audio Stash.  Hosted by Radical Russ, it is the most popular podcast of its type and content in the world.  Carlos from The Omega Project will be interviewed tomorrow Thur. April 10Th.  The show airs online at 4:20 east-coast 1:20 west-coast time.  Big Thanks to Allen St Pierre for the support and wisdom!  Not enough praise can be given to NORML, HIGHTIMES, and WAMM.  3 great organizations pushing herb awareness into the mainstream consciousness.  This Thur. April 10Th is Carlos’ 27Th birthday so please join us on NORMLs Daily Audio Stash.


The Omega Project @ Don Quixote’s Wed 3/26/08

Wed. March 26th, The Omega Project will be performing at Don Quixote’s Music Hall in Felton, CA.  We will be having a local artist showcase work, inspirational spoken word by Lyrical I, and live painting by Clay Chollar of Constant Creation.   %10 of the proceeds are benefiting The Marijuana Policy Project.  “MPP believes that the greatest harm associated with marijuana is prison. To this end, MPP focuses on removing criminal penalties for marijuana use, with a particular emphasis on making marijuana medically available to seriously ill people who have the approval of their doctors.”  Raffle prizes will be given away featuring Omega music, apparel by We are California Grown, and a piece of art.  The Omega Project will be performing both an acoustic and an electric set.  This is our first time playing in Felton, so please help us make this a special night.  Don Quixote’s is located at 6275 Hwy 9 Felton, CA.  Starting at 8 pm.  This is an all ages event, under 21 must be with a parent.  Tickets $8 in advance $10 at the door.  To get your tickets in advance, call 877*832*2129

With more than 24,000 dues-paying members and more than 180,000 e-mail subscribers, the Marijuana Policy Project is the largest marijuana policy reform organization in the United States. Incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 1995, MPP works to minimize the harm associated with marijuana — both the consumption of marijuana and the laws that are intended to prohibit such use.

for more info check out:

Announcing the birth of Bryan Alexander Lindsay!!

My cousin Amanda just had a little baby boy.  His name is Bryan Alexander Lindsay.  His birthday is March 3rd 2008.  Here are some pics.

Straight Loungin!

I send out a prayer of inspiration, protection, and guidance over his life!

Some family pics

Here are some random pictures of my sister, my grandpa, and me.

Me and my sister Ciara circa 1983

Ciara and I circa 1984

Me and my grandpa

Me, Ciara, and Grandpa

and last but not least my padre circa 1984

©2008 Carlos Cardona

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