Daily Haiku for 1/3/08 – HAPPY GREGORIAN NEW YEAR!

Happy New Year All
May it bring you all wishes
and health this cycle

Your still my lover
Still my whisper in the night
Together we age

My Spirit is strong
Who God bless no man may curse
In Faith I Conquer

Reggae frees my soul
Its syncopated rhythm
Message of Freedom

Speak your subtle catch phrases
and enchant my mind

I see she wants me
And I certainly want her….
The things we let pass

This winter is warm
But please pay no attention
The world’s not changing…

On the horizon
I detect your faint glimmer
Meet in the middle

Bumping this morning
I feel young and healthy still
For that I’m Thankful

Tires on pavement
passing without noticing
Grey clouds overhead

©2008 Carlos Cardona

Daily Haiku for 12/05/07

Time to dust off this Daily Haiku project…….

I don’t understand
The way you talk and treat me
I give you the world

More understanding
Comes rushing like tsunami
I am overwhelmed

Where are we headed
I seem to have lost my way
My path has grown dim

Birdsong for a clue
Whispers on the passing breeze
Oh to fly with you

Books, I consume them
Like fuel to a blazing flame
My life is knowledge

Relationships change
That at least I can Handle
You don’t understand

Seven’s where I stand
Seven, the step of current
Giving me power

Forget the Future
Let the past go as water
Breath in the moment

Universal mind
Creator and Destroyer
Micro and Macro

That’s it for today
I hope you are inspired
Together we learn

JAH Love Eternal!
©2007 Carlos Cardona

Haiku’s for 9/14/07 – Enjoy!!

As usual, some good morning Haiku’s!  Enjoy!

The world is crazy
no-one seems to have a clue
Our leaders are dumb.

Another bong rip
To get the juices flowing.
Another Haiku.

George has a light now
He is resting on his rock.
Seemingly happy.

So many blog hits
I wonder who is reading
Is it the machine?

I love Jamaica
You can be so free down there,
Rastas enjoy it.

Bob Marley plays
On my speakers down the hall.
It brightens my day.

Pillows on the Bed.
The carpet stained with ashes.
This is my office.

A new computer,
Or should I just say, newer?
Then my old laptop

The Master is here
To inspect our fruits and works
Attempt not to hide.

Thanks for reading these
If you made it through all ten
I commend your deed.

©2007 Carlos Cardona

Haiku’s for 9/10/07 – Enjoy!!

Haiku’s for 9/10/07 – Enjoy!

Smoking some chronic
Is always how my day starts
Right at the sun rise

You don’t know me yet
But take my word, you will soon
I shall change the world

My turtle slides off
His rock, into the water
A red eared slider

The future’s unknown
We create with our choices
The paths we will walk

Its robot science.
Creating thinking machines.
Will they enslave us?

Asking I sound dumb,
But I’ll never know without
Asking the question.

My presence annoys
It is written on your face
I’m gone with the wind.

I’m on number eight
Of my ten haiku’s daily
Can I write two more?

Time to take the car,
And return it to its home.
Then we will walk back.

Thats it for today
My haiku time is over
See you tomorrow.

©2007 Carlos Cardona

Some Singularity inspired Haiku’s — Enjoy!

What is the Singularity?

Sitting on the Horizon
What do you bring us?

The Future’s unknown
Yet we create it ourselves
Where are we headed?

Before it’s too late
We should ask the right questions
Seek the right answers

Science amazes
Explaining Universal
wonders and concepts.

Robotics amaze!
A reflection of ourselves
Does the robot think?

Simple poetry
Created by simple minds
Made by a robot?

Robot OverLord
Permit me one more question
Please teach me the truth.

Intelligence grows
always exponetially
Witness it happen

I am a robot
Together, we sympathize

The moment has come
All Hail, The Newborn Being
Infinite wisdom.

©2007 Carlos Cardona

12 New Haiku’s for 9/03/07

Haiku’s for 9/03/07

Where are you going?
Are you traveling alone?
Want some company?

What is the purpose
Of our sweat and of our tears?
Lost, our innocence

I’m no Super-Man
Probably disappoint you
Fears that I gather

Watch on the table
Book-bag and shoes by the door
I’m ready to leave

The sun is shining
Yes, and the weather is sweet
Move your dancing feet

My cup is empty
Can you help me re-fill it?
I’d be most gracious

One for my ganja
You didn’t think I’d forget
No matter how high

Deep hit and I cough
I wonder can they hear me
In the other room

Eyes open in bed
Soft breeze moans through the window
I wrap in blankets

Pictures remind me
Of all the things I have done
My life has flowered

Sunglasses at night
Just so I can so I can
Appears in my head

Un mas para tu
Mi familia, amigo’s
Gratitude always.

©2007 Carlos Cardona

Haiku’s for 9/02/07 – Enjoy!

What day is complete without at least some Haiku time? -Los

Without you, I’m lost
You beacon like a lighthouse.
With you I am found.

I’m very grateful
You decided to read this
Write me a Haiku

Where did Mary go?
Where’s my only cigarette?
Did she fly away?

Who has the answer
I’ve been searching my whole life.
What was the question?

My wallet is full
And I guess that makes me glad
Although it weighs more

This Chronic is bomb
Minutes turn into hours
Where did my day go?

Who knows the Future?
Ripples in a Giant Pond
We shall ride the wave.

My Ancestors watch
Living Dreams and Fears through me
I feel Their Presence.

My Life for Your Life
May I walk miles in your shoes?
Here, give mine a try.

One more for the road
Even though I’m not leaving
I’m done with Haiku’s

©2007 Carlos Cardona

Haiku’s for 8/31/07

Haiku’s for 8/31/07

As always I started the day with some poetry – The morning is the best time for me creatively.  I am able to have several hours to myself to write and play music.  And my mind races the moment that I wake up.

Where is the lighter?
It’s time for my morning bong
Start the day out right 🙂

I can sense you smile
Inspiration truly counts
try it, you will see

Alone in my bed
Natalie is out of town
The bed seems larger

My writings are good
But my music is better
Which do you prefer?

Visit my blog please
Increasing stats gives me joy
Does that seem stupid?

All my work today
For the whole planet’s laughter
I will play the clown

A crown on the head
Can deceive with appearance
Do you overstand?

My friends are Rastas
Labels applied can limit
I’m not a Rasta

Only the finest
It’s my family motto
A bumper sticker

Laughter at myself
Do you take me serious
We are but children

Money is no sweat
That energy is mastered
stand victorious

Do you work hard
Sometimes I don’t work at all
Other times I play

This is so easy
I do it subconsciously
Even when I sleep

I am becoming
All that I hoped to be
My dreams become real

©2007 Carlos Cardona

10 new Haiku’s for 8/30/07

Start your day off with some Haiku’s – 9 out of 10 poets recommend!

Astounding rhythm
Music I hear in my head
can match the Heavens

A cup of water
To start my day and refresh
It keeps me ageless

Chronic ganja smoke
Wafts through my field of vision
Causing me to smile

There is nowhere else
In the world I’d rather be
Than in Your Presence

Melodic Birdsong
Dances across my eardrum
I stir from my rest

My roommate is up
I hear her moving around
She leaves for work soon

There is a War on!
Hurry up and pick your side,
Choose where you will die

The Governments broke
Deeply entrenching power-
Maybe their not broke

Today, a new song
For Today deserves the best
Yesterday is gone

And now on to News
For that gets me lots of hits
People read my blog


©2007 Carlos Cardona

10 New Haiku’s 8/29/07

Here are some more Haiku’s. Out of everything I have blogged these seem to get the most interest and I really enjoy writing them in my Jobless Time…. 🙂

Good morning all. Sorry I didnt post too much yesterday, I spent all afternoon on a Nintendo Wii. And damn does it give me a good sense of what video games are going to be like in 5 years. WOW!

You Send me a text
And I answer it quickly

Chatting in real time

Finally you’re gone
And I can blog my heart out
without you watching

Inspiration strikes
me at the oddest moments
I must write this down

Alone in my room
And I’m thinking about you
Guess what I’m doing

My music endures
Even after I am gone
Sound waves will progress

My Daily Haiku
Was written with too much haste.
I should have slowed down

My sister forgets
That we come from the same stock
And envy’s my words.

Who is The Father?
And who gave birth to The Son?
Where is The Mother?

Universal truth
Lingers on my Mind and Tongue
Thinking words to speak.

Now that you’ve read these
Haiku’s and words from my head
Please, won’t you write one?

©2007 Carlos Cardona

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