The Greatest Revenge is Success

There’s blood in the water, and the sharks are circling. Why is it that when you mess up in this world, there is always someone there to make money? Why is it that when you are sick, there is always someone there to make money? Why is it that when God touches your heart, there is always someone there to make money? Our worlds belief structure creates a self perpetuating vicious cycle of greed and fear. Everyone alive has had a moment where they were down, whether physically or spiritually. Its what you do when you are down that this is all about. Most people break when they are down. They give up, succumb to control, and admit defeat. They allow their lives and energy to be leached off of by the vampires who set this whole system up. Most people become bitter, dwelling on what could have been, or stewing with envy and rage at someone who threw them off course. They forget that light kills Vampires… To have someone tell you about climbing a mountain is one thing, but to climb the mountain yourself, that is a whole other story. Tribulation brings understanding, and understanding brings true compassion. And The Compassionate ONE is what this world is starving for. The Compassionate ONE drives the sharks and vampires away with the power of thought, voice, and action. The power of inner light. Cry not for yourself, cry for the millions oppressed worldwide. Sing the Song of Their Liberty! Take the fear and greed of the vampires and sharks and let it fire up your will to succeed! For the Greatest Revenge is Success!

Visions of the Future: The Intelligence Revolution. With Michio Kaku

Will computers think for themselves? Will humans be able to reprogram our own biology, making us “super human”? Will our kids be born into a world where every item is “smart”. Michio Kaku, another one of my favorite modern philosophers and Great Minds tackles these questions in Visions of the Future: The Intelligence Revolution

This video does a great job illustrating the vast changes underway on our world. By 2020 a microchip with the computing power of a modern cellphone will cost about $.01. As this draws nearer, chips will begin to be embedded in everything truly leading to the “ubiquity era” with thousands of computers per user. Humans will then (if not already) begin hard-wiring our minds with more processing power and altering our DNA to dramatic results. Humans may no longer be Homo Sapien and may self selectively evolve into Cyber Sapiens.


Question of the Day:
Do you think humans will achieve this great change in our very essence?

Prohibition is a truly a multi faceted jewel of feces

For as long as there has been recorded history, people have had the liberty to experiment with their minds and bodies. Indigenous cultures worldwide revealed the Shaman, and the lessons and wisdom that he brought back from the medicine quest. Some people speculate the apes that ate psychedelic mushrooms and with that deep insight developed math and religion, evolved into modern humans. It is only in today’s context of mind control and oppression that “drugs” are stereotyped as “wrong” or even “evil”. Mind expanding substances are not looked kindly upon by someone attempting to control your mind.
What is a drug? Any substance that when taken into the body, alters bodily function. There are good drugs, bad drugs, legal drugs, illegal drugs, all natural drugs, processed drugs, street drugs, government sanctioned drugs, soft drugs, hard drugs, drug gumbo, drug soup…. And the ever looming WAR ON DRUGS. Or more correctly, The War on (SOME) Drugs, drugs that actually heal both the mind and spirit. Because that is what is happening. Pharmaceutical companies are feeding millions of people “Drugs” that are ultimately lead to both addiction and disease. I’ll write that line again. The “Drugs” coming out of pharmacies are doing far more damage to both the human body and the world then drugs that are illegal. Prohibition of drugs also does more damage to our culture and world then legalization. It was during Alcohol Prohibition that the Mob gained a strong foothold in the United States. And it is this current prohibition of “(some) Drugs” that has allowed pharmaceutical companies to grab a foothold on peoples hearts and minds, and now their DNA.
Prohibition is a truly a multi faceted jewel of feces. On one face, making “(some) drugs” illegal, pushes the market for them underground. At the same time both creating and funding a massive black market, and depriving the economy of money. On another face, spending Hundreds of Billions of dollars each year to surveil, arrest, prosecute, house, and rehabilitate (some) drug users, also leaches money from our faltering economy, and hurts our families and culture. Prohibition is a “Gateway” mentality. By making marijuana illegal, it allows people interested in trying only marijuana to have access to other hard/street drugs.
People have always used “drugs”. Drug users are not criminals.
End The War on (some) Drugs!
Set the captives free!

HAPPY 420!!


Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World

If you enjoy eating exotic mushrooms, are interested in their nutritional and medicinal value and if you would like to learn how to establish mushrooms in your yard, garden or woods, Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World by Paul Stamets will not disappoint you.

If the subtitle How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World intrigues you, it should. Paul Stamets’ thirty years of experience in “engaging fungi”, his original theories and research will reveal a world that many of us never knew existed. He calls Mycelium Running “A mycological manual for rescuing ecosystems”.

The text is divided into three parts with a foreword by the author’s long time friend Dr. Andrew Weil. 360 high quality photos and concise, useful graphs and charts enrich the text. You will see mushrooms the likes of which you never imagined.

Mr. Stamets has a wonderful writing style; friendly, funny and scientific all at the same time. He describes fungi as the “grand recyclers” of nature, their cobweb like growth under logs as “mycomagicians”.

Part One, The Mycelial Mind, contains four chapters:

* Mycelium as Nature’s Internet

* The Mushroom Life Cycle

* Mushrooms in Their Natural Habitat

* The Medicinal Mushroom Forest

Stamets describes mycelium as “the neurological network of nature” that can “expand to thousands of acres in size in cellular mats achieving the greatest mass of any individual organism on this planet”.

Mycelium is a single-celled organism that travels several inches a day. That means there is only one cell wall that protects this organism from pathogens, yet it thrives more prolifically that any plant or animal on the planet.

In fact, it is mycelium’s vast structural network that is responsible for decomposing plant debris, at the same time providing nutrients to the plant and animal kingdoms. In other words, mycelium is earth’s life support system and should be understood, respected and protected as such.

A mushroom is the fruit of mycelium. They produce spores capable of traveling great distances on the wind, on clothing, in animal feces and even on envelopes and packages in our mail.

There are four types of fungi: saprophytes, parasites, mycorrhizal and endophytes. The saprophyte subtype is largely responsible for recycling organic debris and providing nutrients to the plant and animal world.

Mycorrhizal fungi are vital to the health of forests because it transports nutrients to different species of trees.

The chapter The Medicinal Mushroom Forest discusses the ancient knowledge of the value of mushrooms to both the human body and the forest ecosystem with useful charts of commonly collected wild edible mushrooms from NW North America including chanterelles, matsutake and hedgehogs.

Various mushroom varieties possess potent anti-microbial properties. The author notes that a “moldy cantaloupe sent to an army research lab in 1941” led to the identification and extraction of strains of penicillium chrysogenum that led to the commercial synthesis of penicillin.

Mr. Stamets’ own research led to the discovery that the extract of mycelium from the mushroom Fomitopsis officinalis “protects human blood cells from infection by orthopox viruses including the family of viruses that includes smallpox.”

Specific varieties of mushrooms possess antiviral activity against such viruses as hepatitis B, herpes simplex, HIV, influenza, pox, and tobacco mosaic virus. A useful table lists various mushrooms and their antiviral activities.

Several varieties of mushrooms are sources of other medicinal compounds including triterpenoids and glycoproteins. Pages 38-39 provide a cross index of Mushrooms and Targeted Therapeutic Effects including mushroom activity against specific cancers.

Mr. Stamets presents strong evidence that fungi from old growth forests have potential as sources for new and vital medicines. And he emphasizes the essential importance of preserving this priceless resource.

Part II – Mycorestoration

In Mycorestoration the author presents his original thought, theories and research into how mycelium and their fruit, mushrooms, can be harnessed for uses that support the health of humans and our ailing planet. In this fascinating section of the book, the author presents the reader with “fungal opportunities underfoot”.

These original concepts are presented in four forms: Mycofiltration, Mycoforestry,Mycoremediation and Mycopesticides.

Mycorestoration is defined as the selective use of fungi to repair or restore the weakened immune systems of environments.

Mycofiltration uses mycelium as a membrane to catch and filter upstream contaminants including microorganisms, pollutants and silt. Talk about filtration capacity, Mr. Stamets says that “more than a mile of mycelial cells can infuse a gram of soil”.

The text illustrates how we can use mycelium on farms, in our own urban and suburban environments, in watershed districts, in factories, on roads and other stressed habitats to filter protozoa, bacteria, viruses, bacteria, silt and chemical toxins.

Mycelial mats, called “bunker spawn” mature in months and can be used for years to prevent downstream pollution. Mr. Stamets discusses his own research in microfiltration and presents directions for building and installing mycelium microfilters.

Mycoforestry is the use of fungi to sustain forest communities by preserving natural forests, recycling woodland debris, sustaining replanted trees with the goal of strengthening the forest ecosystem.

Mr. Stamets emphasizes that contrary to conventional thought our forests are not “renewable” resources and discusses how carbon cycles that fuel the food chain can take centuries, if not thousands of years to establish.

For example, in Oregon a honey mushroom mat found on a mountaintop covered over 2400 acres and is thought to be about 2200 years old. “Nurse” logs in this forest increase soil depth and enrich the habitat for the fungi, plant and animal kingdoms.

The reader must wonder how many regions like this exist on planet earth today.

According to the author, acceleration of this process is possible by using wood chips as a spawning medium for fungi. This method has the potential to prevent forest fires because as mycelium grows on the wood chips they draw moisture to the forest floor in a sponge like way.

Mr. Stamets urges forest pathologists to develop strategies that utilize mycelium to improve forest health.

Mycoremediation is the use of fungi to degrade or remove toxins from the environment. According to the author fungi can be used to degrade heavy metals including lead, and mercury, industrial toxins including chlorine, dioxin, PCBs and organophosphates.

This potential is viewed in the perspective of the hierarchy of organisms in the fungi, plant, bacterium and animal kingdoms, a hierarchy which begins and ends with fungi.

Photos in this chapter illustrate diesel contaminated soil “under attack” by oyster mushrooms which thrive on the contaminated soil and regenerate it by neutralizing the contaminant. When they die and rot they provide a healthy environment for new plant growth. The contaminated soil in which mushroom growth was not introduced remained just that, barren and contaminated.

The goal of mycorestoration is to match fungi species to contaminants to enable the “destruction of toxins that enable other restoration strategies”.

Mycopesticides involve the use of fungi to control pest populations, including carpenter ants and termites. Mr. Stamets relates a personal story of how he used mycelium as a natural pesticide to rid his house of carpenter ants.

He has applied for patents to use this biotechnology which protect groundwater and habitats from damage by conventional toxic pesticides, as a natural method of eliminating termites, ants and flies. He calls the technology “green mycotechnology”.

Part III – Growing Mycelia and Mushrooms includes six chapters:

* Inoculation Methods: Spores, spawns and stem butts

* Cultivating Mushrooms on Straw and Leached Cow Manure

* Cultivating Mushrooms on logs and stumps

* Gardening with Gourmet and medicinal mushrooms

* Magnificent Mushrooms: The Cast of Species

* Nutritional properties of mushrooms

This section introduces readers to methods for inoculation, cultivation and gardening with mushrooms. Excellent photos, graphs and charts help the reader to visualize and practically apply the processes.

Mr. Stamets says that the key to growing mushrooms is to first grow mycelium and that the most important technique is learning how to use wild, or natural spawn because it has the advantage of being acclimated to its habitat.

The mycelium grower is described as a “herdsman” and the mycomotto is “move it or lose it”. The author explains that no matter how successful you may be at getting mycelium to grow it will “consume its habitat” and will move on, if not supplemented with its basic nutrient needs.

Stamets explains that “Your job is to become embedded into the mind-set of this digestive cellular membrane, to run with mycelium”.

Using fungi in the garden builds soil, improves yield and decreases fertilizer requirements. Photos illustrate the increased size of vegetables grown in mycelium rich soil.

Edible mushrooms are good sources of protein, are very low in simple carbohydrates and fats and are high in antioxidants, selenium, potassium, copper, B vitamins and fiber.

Nutritional content of mushrooms depends on variety and where they are grown. For example, button mushrooms grown in Texas and Oklahoma contain higher levels of selenium than those grown in Florida and Pennsylvania.

Pages 198-199 provide a very useful chart listing the nutritional properties of 16 edible mushrooms.

Mushrooms are rich sources of enzymes including cellulose, lignan peroxidases, laccases, manganese superoxide dismutases, enzymes known for their ability to decompose plant fiber.

According to the author, enzyme inhibitors in mushrooms are protective against breast and prostate cancer. Aromatase inhibitors that interrupt the conversion of androgens to estrogens are significant to those at risk for breast cancer. 5 alpha reductase inhibitors are significant to those at risk for enlarged prostate and prostate cancer.

Graphs provide additional information on mushroom variety and content of these valuable nutritional compounds.

The final chapter of the book is Magnificent Mushrooms: The Cast of Species

This section provides in-depth descriptions, distribution, habitat, harvesting hints, nutritional profile, medicinal properties, flavor, preparation and cooking tips, mycorestoration potential and comments for a long list of mushrooms including shiitakes, oyster, and morels.

This is valuable, useful information for anyone interested in utilizing the benefits of mushrooms for health, both human and planetary.

Certainly Paul Stamets book Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Save the World will grow the ranks of mycophiles world wide. Because the science of mycorestoration is in its infancy, Mycelium Running will likely inspire a new generation of mycologists to implement the author’s original discoveries and make future discoveries of their own, discoveries that benefit both mankind and the environment.

As Dr. Andrew Weil said in the introduction “I find this book exciting and optimistic because it suggests new, nonharmful possibilities for solving serious problems that affect our health and the health of our environment”.

Mycelium Running: How Mushrooms Can Help Save the World by Paul Stamets – Ten Speed Press, 2005. 339 pp 360 color photos

Other books by Paul Stamets:

* Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms (2000)

* The Mushroom Cultivator with coauthor Jeff Chilton (1983)

Founder of fungiperfecti @ ( and (

(Book Review) by Teri Lee Gruss, MS Human Nutrition (see all articles by this author)

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1 in 100 Americans in jail!!

Check out this article about America’s ranking as the world’s #1 incarcerator.  This is a milestone article in my opinion.  1% of our population are in jail or prison!  No longer can states afford to house non-violent offenders.  With the war in Iraq headed nowhere fast America hemorrhages money like blood.  WELCOME, MY SON, TO THE MACHINE

Here is a website that fights for Prisoners Rights.  We must resist becoming numb to others pain.  United we stand Divided we fall…

A Prisoners Prayer #2

Today I awaken free.  No one telling me when to eat and what to wear.  This morning, in this moment I am free.  And if you are reading this, then so are you.  Perhaps you have never been to jail, so it is hard for you to associate with the imprisoned.  But you need only remember a time when you were terrified, remember a time when you were full of regret.  For it is these emotions that tend to swallow whole someone facing imprisonment.
We are all so immature at heart.  We all have so many unanswered questions that linger.  We have all messed up according to the laws of the land.  It’s just that some of us are born with more money then others.  These wealthier of us tend to not see the same side of the law as the poorer of us.  And so worldwide, our brothers and sisters await their destiny in steel cages.  Worldwide, poor people marginalized.
Let us send out a Great Prayer for the worlds prisoners.  For we are all Prisoners of the Mind War.  Though your body may roam free today, there are no guarantees for tomorrow.  Each and every person alive faces  a great challenge in overcoming the current situation of the world.  For too long those in power have used fear and greed to manipulate weaker minds into subservience.  So many amazing minds that have been stifled.  So many beautiful poets who never spoke, singers who never sung.  Too easy is it to cave to criticism, too hard to march to your own beat.  Yet, our beauty is our diversity.  Our Great Heritage is our common Humanity.
If you know someone imprisoned.  Please take time today to pray for them and if possible contact them.  The worst regret is when you think that you have been forgotten.  When you picture your lover in anothers embrace.  When your children think you are a loser and no longer send cards.
We have all messed up, whether you have been caught or not.  And everything is relative.  Prison and Jail should be reserved for people who are too violent to be in society.  And even then, these people should be rehabilitated as quickly as possible and released.  Locking someone in solitary confinement and treating them like an animal only perpetuates their actions.  But who can blame a guard dealing with a 350 pound man who is acting violent.  So where is the answer?
The answer is in the system.  Currently you need money to be successful in this system.  Very rarely does someone who isn’t represented well catch a “lucky” break.  But we can change that.  Each and every one of us can make life better for each and every one of us each day.  By simply reminding yourself every morning that everyone you see (even the plants and animals) shares a common heritage.  We are all brothers and sisters according to D.N.A.!  And it is up to all of us to uplift our fellow brothers and sisters.  There are more than enough resources to take care of everyone.  But it is up to us to not be greedy and share.  it is up to us to not be afraid to reach out to someone of a different color, someone poorer than us.
Even deeper than money though, is the respect and passion with which we need to reevaluate our world.  We have been given something beautiful, but the earth can take no more.  She has given us life and culture, but she can remove both quickly.  In this generation, we will sculpt the earth and set the course of history.  We must remain vigilant that humanity not be marginalized and the earth not be set off balance.  It will truly be in each and every action that we pave the way of Freedom for our children.

also: A Prisoners Prayer #1

©2008 Carlos Cardona

Naomi Wolf – The End of America (Amazing Video on personal liberties!)

There is an attack currently under way on the freedoms and lifestyles that we in the modern world take for granted. Cleverly masked in the newest commercial fad and justified by “terrorism” drastic measures are being enacted that successfully subvert the rule of law and enslave the masses to a fascist dictatorship. Here is an amazing video of Naomi Wolf talking about her new book “The End Of America”. 10 steps that any would be dictator must accomplish to destroy a democracy. These are perhaps the most important times that the human race has ever faced. It is truly our generation that will be the catalyst for the Great Change. Let us come together both physically and spiritually for the good of the future generations of all Sentient Beings!


A Prisoners Prayer #1

-I am a bright light shining fiercely, and when my beam is focused the way is bathed in Luminescence for all to see.-
    How do we treat our criminals and imprisoned?  In what circumstances do those in bondage find themselves?  Locked in cages of steel both mentally and physically, those who find themselves on the wrong side of the law get infected by a disease of anguish and despair, guilt and fear.  Those without money or family to pull power strings languish in concrete cell-blocks, grimly awaiting their fate.  Fully grown children lashing out at guards and being stuck in solitary confinement.  Eternally longing for a lost lover, forever wishing to take back that one moment.
If you’ve never been there be thankful.  But be wary.  The beast grows stronger each moment, and to be in every-ones life appears an immanent goal.  We, the “free”, must give our liberties to each and every person, worldwide.  Nothing can be gained by fighting.  There is no army strong enough to win by force.  Our liberties, and more importantly the liberties of future generations will be written in the kind words we speak to someone troubled, will be fully realized in the coming struggle.  Our Great Future will be penned by the present generation.  Divine Poets and Authors Arise!  Arise and pen the Verse of Freedom!  True words spoken ring true always.  And the pen shall forever be much mightier than the sword.  Our imprisoned brothers and sisters have no voice, they have been systematically  turned down.  Their wails and crys a monotoned groan too low to hear above the chaos of society.
And believe it or not, these prisoners are the lucky ones.  I raise a prayer for those locked up at secret prisons worldwide.  Totally deprived of rights and due process.  Who hears their crys?  We are all ONE!  At the quantum level all of creation threads in a Great Tapestry.  There is no segregation.  Fatal disease infects all.  Help me heal ourselves.  Both physically and spiritually.  Before we are separated and segregated.  Before we are all graded and labelled.  Our common heritage is our humanity.  Our past is riddled with holes from war and class division.  Let our future be solid from out unity.  Let our unity be cemented by our wisdom.  Let our wisdom be forged by our passion.  Let our passion be ignited by our birthright.

also: A Prisoners Prayer #2

©2008 Carlos Cardona

Bush Accepts Iraq-Vietnam Comparison

Have you heard about this one yet?  It happened a while ago but I haven’t had a chance to post it yet.

Bush Accepts Iraq-Vietnam Comparison

But get this… He says because we should never have gotten out of Vietnam… Tuh!


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