Microchip the population?

Just a few questions to test your non/acceptance to microchip implants.

Marijuana Medicine?


Join us for the best Grass Roots political party in town!  Music – Politik – Poetry – Games – and fun for the family!  Everyone is Welcome!
Noon to 5pm
Saturday September 27th 2008
San Lorenzo Park
Duck Island
Santa Cruz, CA
Suggested donation: $4.20

Valerie Leveroni Corral
Mike Corral
The Sensory Tinge
The Rubber Souls
Michael O.
Robert Holdrige
The Mojo Navigators

for more info: WAMM.org

Council OKs smoking pot in WAMM tent – From The Santa Cruz Sentinel

SANTA CRUZ – Medical marijuana patients will once again be allowed to smoke dope in San Lorenzo Park this Saturday, after city leaders temporarily lifted a smoking ban to allow for a festival celebrating the medicinal herb.

The decision came after testimony from more than 20 patients who reasoned and pleaded with the Santa Cruz City Council to allow them to inhale their medication while partaking in Wo/Men’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana’s annual WAMMfest. Some accused council members of growing old and more conservative, while others said Santa Cruz was losing both its compassion and its weirdness.

“Do not Carmel-ize Santa Cruz,” said Valerie Corral, co-founder of WAMM.

The catch, however, is that the ban was not lifted for the entire park. Instead, those with a medical marijuana identification card only will be allowed to smoke inside a tent designated for that purpose.

“I think it’s good. I think it’s a good compromise,” said WAMM co-founder Mike Corral.

The arrangement is not much different from previous years, where a tent was provided for medical marijuana patients but recreational tokers still smoked up on the lawn.

However, Sean Wharton, a WAMM patient who will double as a security guard at the festival, said he will speak with anyone this year who lights up on the grass.

“I would really like this to happen in the way it has in the past, and I will look for people smoking outside the smoking tent,” Wharton said.

Council members approved the proposal on a 5-1 vote, with Councilwoman Lynn Robinson voting against the measure and Mayor Ryan Coonerty absent.

Robinson said she does not like making exceptions to rules that the city requires everyone else to follow.

“The onus is on the organizers to work within our parameters and not ask our staff to look the other way,” Robinson said.

The issue arose two weeks ago after WAMM requested an exception to the city’s ban on smoking in San Lorenzo Park so its 200 patients could attend WAMMfest and breathe in their drug of choice.

With Councilman Tony Madrigal sick, the City Council split the vote 3-3. All council members voiced their support for medical marijuana, but not all were crazy about granting an exception to city rules for a festival celebrating drugs that are illegal without a prescription, fearing it could draw recreational tokers.

The tie vote pushed the issue onto Tuesday’s agenda, but with Coonerty scheduled to be away, many assumed the vote would split again and no smoking would be allowed. Ed Porter, Cynthia Mathews and Robinson all had voted against lifting the ban.

Porter ended up proposing the compromise that lifted the smoking ban only in the patient tent.


Thanks to Genevieve Bookwalter & The Santa Cruz Sentinel for this article which I have printed at length.

Allowing 18 year olds to drink…

Lately there has been a resurgence of the debate about letting 18 year olds buy and drink alcohol. This is a funny question to me because the answer is so obvious. But for those of you who haven’t thought about it, and for those of you who know the truth but have to lie because your soul is owned by Alcohol companies, let me clear it up for you.
Yes, we should allow 18 year olds to buy and consume alcohol. And here are the reasons.

  1. Making alcohol and other drugs illegal removes any type of normal encounter someone might have with a substance. It leads to over consumption and encourages binging because of the limited access to that substance.
  2. 18 year olds are able to vote in elections. If these people are able minded enough to “Pick” the leaders of our Nation, then surely they are mature enough to consume alcohol.
  3. Someone 18 years old can own a handgun and serve in the military. If you are able to buy and possess a firearm, and represent The USA in a military theater then you should be able to have a drink of alcohol.
  4. Someone 18 years old can have Medical Marijuana, Pain medication, and Nerve medication. Someone who can legally smoke weed, take Oxycontin, and take Xanax should be allowed to drink alcohol.
  5. And finally the greatest reason: Prohibition of any substance is a vicious cycle that leads to a thriving black market, unsafe situations, and higher costs. Humans have always drank alcohol and experimented with mind altering substances. Demand creates supply. When you make something illegal you automatically create a criminal class. A thriving black market is created around the illegal substance leading to shady situations and lots of illegal money transfer without taxation.

These large alcohol companies and politicians know this, but it suits their agenda to have prohibition. If the drinking age was lowered and drugs were legalized, people would actually consume less. That would lead to alcohol and pharmaceutical companies making way less, and the government having less access to everyone’s lives.
So in summary let me say again: Prohibition is bullshit! Lower the drinking age! End the War on Drugs! Set the Captives Free!

Incarceration – By Tilly

1 metal shelf
I lay
2 metal shelves
Lie here
Shelved we wait,
numbered days.
Hoping not to collect dust

Thanks to The 507 Effect guest author Tilly the Dharma Punk for this moving poem.

The Omega Project on NORMLs Daily Audio Stash

Big Thanks to “Radical” Russ & Cannabis Karri @ NORMLs Daily Audio Stash for featuring The Omega Project as their musical guest on 5/24/08.  No one can say enough good about NORML and this daily podcast is the largest of its kind in the world.  The war on “drugs” is a vicious cycle in which ignorant, uneducated, soldiers are persecuting innocent civilians.  It is based on outdated ideas and science.  Prohibition only worsens the problem.  Pushing “drugs” to the black market, making them expensive and unsafe.  Thanks to NORML for giving The Omega Project support and allowing us an arena to speak our minds and share our music.

NORMLs Daily Audio Stash for 5/24/08

The writeup on The Omega Project

JAH Love Eternal!

From whence comes the wisdom for our enormous dilemma?

How long Great Creator must we wander ignorantly in this wilderness of our separation?
When will we sup with You in Your mighty chamber?
When will our children run amongst Your bountiful fields and vineyards.
You have been gone long, and the servants have seemingly taken power.
How do we make them hear us without screaming?  Sing?
How do we make them see us without violence?  Dance?
How may we pierce the armor of their pride, and pluck their heart strings?
From whence comes the wisdom for our enormous dilemma?

Marijuana and Hemp Knowledge

Check out these great links regarding Marijuana, Hemp, and the liberalization and legalization of both.

Brett and Kari are amazing people with first hand knowledge of the life saving and changing benefits of medical cannabis.  Their website is truly a wealth of information regarding medicinal marijuana.

US Hemp Co
This company makes world class hemp surfboards and great clothes.  Exciting and Revolutionary!  Industry changing.

US Hemp Museum
An unbelievably thorough account of all things hemp.  This is the digital remains of a once physical museum. 

Hemp is coming back in a strong way and these websites help promote awareness, responsibility, and benefit to everyone from all parts of the cannabis plant.  So check em out…

NORML’s Weekly Legislative Round Up

Below is this week’s summary of pending state legislation and tips to help you become involved in changing the laws in your state.

Illinois: Senate Bill 2865, which seeks to allow for the therapeutic use of cannabis for qualified patients, awaits action by the full Senate. This bill was recently amended to address concerns voiced by some of the Illinois law enforcement community. Illinois NORML supporters are urged to contact their state senator in support of SB 2865 through NORML’s online advocacy system.

Minnesota: Medical cannabis legislation is anticipated to go before the full House for a floor vote imminently, and if approved there, to the Governor’s desk. This legislation would ensure that medical marijuana patients in Minnesota would no longer have to fear arrest or prosecution from state law enforcement. However, Governor Pawlenty has indicated that he intends to veto this bill if it gets to his desk. You can view an ad urging Governor Pawlenty to rethink his position here. Minnesotans are strongly encouraged to urge their Representatives and the Governor to support these bills via NORML’s online advocacy system.

Hawaii: House Bill 2675, which would establish a legislative medical marijuana task force in Hawaii, is now before the governor. If signed into law, this task force would examine issues regarding adequate supplies of medical marijuana for qualified patients, distinguishing between mature and immature plants under current law, the feasibility of constructing secure growing facilities for medical marijuana patients to use to produce their medicine, and study inter-island travel issues related to medical marijuana. Hawaiian supporters can email their state senators via NORML’s online advocacy system.

Vermont: The Vermont Senate is expected to vote on House Bill 267, which would define industrial hemp as an “agricultural product” and establish regulations for its production by state-licensed farmers. If approved, Vermont will join more than a dozen states that have enacted laws or resolutions endorsing the study and/or production of industrial hemp. Vermont NORML supporters are strongly encouraged to send their state senator a prewritten letter urging passage of HB 267 via NORML’s online advocacy system.

New Hampshire: NORML is disheartened to announce that the New Hampshire Senate has defeated House Bill 1623, which would have decriminalized minor marijuana possession, in a voice vote this week. The Senate vote, which was not unexpected, followed weeks of veto threats from Governor John Lynch. The measure had previously passed the House by a vote of 193 to 141. NORML would like to take this time to thank NORML supporters who contacted their House Representatives in support of HB 1623. Your efforts made a huge difference in persuading the House to pass this vital piece of legislation. To remain involved in cannabis law reform efforts in New Hampshire, please visit: http://nhcommonsense.org.

Thanks to Ron Fisher, NORML Outreach Coordinator for the info.

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