Troubled Waters

What is the BIG IDEA?

The world is changing rapidly.  Economies are shuddering, the environment is failing, religion is corrupt, and our personal relationships are being altered drastically.  Old business models are being thrown out the window, and the new business models have yet to be created.  Welcome to the world of the free information, where everyone is broke, and at the top sits The Great Password Holder.
Companies that create actual products (cars, clothes, computers) are watching their livelihoods go goodbye, while companies that create no physical object (Facebook, Twitter, MySpace) are suddenly being valued in the billions.  And with the former Bush and current Obama  administrations throwing piles of money at the problematic economy as the great companies fall, no one is sure thatFacebook or Twitter will be there to save us.
So for someone my age (27) who is alive now and wants to see a Great Future, there is only one question: Whats The Big Idea?  What is the Great Plan and New Deal for our generation?  No one would disagree that today’s technology is amazing and full of potential.  The scientists who are on the cutting edge foresee a time when humans will wield God-like power through our technology.  But where is the plan to use this technology to heal both out ecology and our economy?  The beauty of the Internet is that is allows billions of people to collaborate together.  Science has shown us again and again that out of chaos emerges order.  Out of the chaos of our current condition will emerge a form of order.  But what kind of order?  That is up to us.  As of now all we face is pure potential.  The potential that time will pass and we will find ourselves in tomorrow and beyond.  It is up to us to create that Great Future ourselves, one day at a time.
My big idea is that music, art, and doing what is truly in your heart and conscious are core and vital to saving our planet and culture.  Music and art are what set us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom.  Other animals have amazing biology, other animals mate and eat and sleep and shit.  But humans can truly get funky, we can take concepts as grand as love and God and combining them with the minutia come up with lines like “The love of God makes me feel like an ant on a beautiful rose”  Music and art are the point at which humanity steps away from the primal and moves toward the divine.  But there is so much more to create.  And now we are creating the tools with which we shall paint the heavens and play the Universe like a cello.  Out of the current madness and chaos of our world, order will finally emerge.  Will the order be machine-like or free-flowing?  Will the order be Utopian orDystopian?
Question of the day:  What is your Big Idea

Bob Marley “Jammin” One Love Peace Concert

Thank You Bob Marley!

Under the Sun

I am ancient, old as the way.
Day becomes night and then bleeds into day.
I am open, wide as the shore.
High as the clouds and I beg you, come back for more.

I’m a seer, the vision is clear.
Here becomes there which turns into here.
I am fearless for I have become,
Everything under the Sun.

I’m creating the world that I know.
The crystal reflection of my fractured soul.
I’m destroying the things I create.
Devouring everything that I love and hate.
I’m an echo – reverberate.
The milky white moonbeams afloat on the lake.
I am ancient for I have become,
Everything under the sun.

©2008 Carlos Cardona

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Sound Tribe Sector 9 on tour!

Sound Tribe Sector 9 just played Santa Cruz as the opening date of their 5 week tour.  If you are not familiar with Sound Tribe Sector 9 do yourself a favor and make it to see them live on their latest run.  They are one of The U.S.’ premiere live electronica/jambands.  Very inspiring and portal opening!  Also, congratulations to Jeffree & Hana on their expected baby!  I pray inspiration, protection, and guidance over His/Her life!

My morning dealing with TicketBastard

So even though I managed to Spend $350 to pre-order Phish tickets last week, it looks like I got shut out of the lottery.  The odd thing is, I don’t know of anyone who actually got tickets in the lottery.  I know for sure that my Housemate or any of his 8 friends did not, my sister did not, neither of my neighbors did, my friend from college didn’t, my sister’s two different friends didn’t, and I have read online of a bunch of people who didn’t.  And now this morning ticketbastard is telling me that they can’t locate them in their database but that they can link me to an affiliate site called “Tickets Now” that has General Admission seats for $1600 a piece!

General Admission Tickets sold for $49.50 and now they are going for $1600!!!  Fuck you ticketbastard!  And fuck all of your little affiliate fronts!  It’s insulting that a true fan of a band would

  1. Get denied tickets to a concert after pre-ordering tickets a week early
  2. Get redirected by ticketbastard to an affiliate that charges over %1000 higher for the tickets!

I have read online about people getting all 6 tickets that they preordered.  Why would Phish run their ticket system that way?  Why not give everyone who preordered at least one ticket to one night instead of giving some people all their requested tickets and some people none, leaving us to deal with the evil beast ticketbastard?

And regarding ticketbastard redirecting me to an affiliate site that sales tickets at a “market value” of %1000 mark up.  Fuck you!  You don’t deserve to be the intermediary between people and the live music experiences they love.  You are nothing more than a pimp who has prostituted our beautiful and inspiring industry!

And Phish, I know that you are gonna tour this summer and I will get my chance to see you again.  But it won’t be as special as this hampton show could have been.  I preordered those tickets with a zeal that I haven’t shown for a band since your “Final Show”, but it won’t happen again this summer.

My Miraculous Mother

Praise JAH!  My sweet Creator and Mother has miracled  Natalia and I $$ for Phish Tickets!  I ordered them today from this page.  The way that Phish always does their pre-order tickets is with a lottery.  They say that there is no first come first serve, that all people who pay the money between yesterday and Oct. 8th will have an equal chance of getting tickets.  Tickets go on sale to the public through TicketMaster on Oct.18th.  Hopefully I will get 2 tickets to each night!


Like all good rock bands that have played their “Final Show”, Phish, my favorite band of all time, has announced a Mini-Tour.  March 6,7,8 2009 in Hampton, Virginia.  Something tells me this may not be their final show either.  With my recent legal troubles (bummer) and preparing for the Coming of The Lord (My Son, Blessing) this show might be something that is beyond my horizon.  March 5th is my sisters 30th birthday.  She introduced me to Phish when I was 14 and took me to my first show when I was 16.  I tripped my brains out and can honestly say that my life has been on a different course since that concert.  My sister is also expecting a baby boy (Harper Croix Ragains ) so this concert might be beyond her horizons also.  But JAH JAH willing I will be dancing beside her at these concerts.

Music Theory Quizzes, Trivia, & Games in Flash

If you are interested in music theory, check out these great websites that I found.  They host lessons and music theory flash games.  A great way to brush up on your skills!
Music Theory Quizzes & Trivia

Upcoming Omega Project Acoustic Concert

The Omega Project will be hosting an evening of acoustic music on Thursday Oct. 2nd @ The Crow’s Nest in Santa Cruz.  Carlos will be playing an opening solo set, followed by an acoustic set featuring Patience and Carlos.
The show is from 8:30 – 11:30.  $5 and all ages.
2218 East Cliff Drive
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
For more info:

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