Upcoming Omega Project Acoustic Concert

The Omega Project will be hosting an evening of acoustic music on Thursday Oct. 2nd @ The Crow’s Nest in Santa Cruz.  Carlos will be playing an opening solo set, followed by an acoustic set featuring Patience and Carlos.
The show is from 8:30 – 11:30.  $5 and all ages.
2218 East Cliff Drive
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
For more info:

New Music by The Omega Project

This is a new song by The Omega Project entitled “Been You”

Upcoming Omega Project Event in Scotts Valley, CA

The Omega Project will be performing at Malone’s in Scott’s Valley on Fri. May 23rd from 5:30 – 8:00 pm.  We will be playing both an acoustic and an electric set.  This is our first time at Malone’s, which is a great local venue, so please come out and help us make this an amazing event!  
Listen to The Omega Project’s music here.
More info: Omega Project Productions

Photos of The Omega Project

Thanks to Corrie Olivieri for her time and energy. 


Moe’s Alley was a success!

Big Thanks to Moe’s Alley for a great show on Tue. night!  Much love to Junior Boogie, and all of our friends who came out on a cold and rainy Tuesday to help make this a special event.  This was our first time back at Moe’s in 3 years, and it was an amazing show.  Russell sat in on keyboard and the sound was mixed excellent.  ClayChollar of Constant Creations Studio added amazing visuals with his live graphic art.  If anyone has any pictures of the show, please email them to me at theomegaproject@onebox.com .


Happy 15th Birthday to WAMM!

Happy 15th birthday to WAMM and much love to everyone who came out to the 420 celebration! This was a great event and I am beginning to realize how amazing Santa Cruz is! Mike and Valerie Coral didn’t need to dress up, because they are SuperHeros. Below is Valeries response to the UCSC 420 Lockdown…

Valerie Leveroni Corral’s
Opinion of The UCSC 420 Lockdown

UCSC’s 420 lockdown is not about 420. It is an aggressive action against peaceful assembly. Students vote. In Santa Cruz county more that a decade ago medical marijuana passed by 71% and last year marijuana was declared the lowest priority of the law. UCSC, take a breath!

Among the responsibilities of every institution of higher education, including UCSC is: to uphold the constitution, to protect the rights of each student, not to violate them, and to provide public access to citizens of our community whose taxes support UCSC.

Ask yourself, should UCSC be denying the right to peacefully assemble? When 4000 people assemble in support of a common interest this community takes note. The university seeks to create chaos out of peaceful assembly. Shame on you! We thought we taught our elders better! See: The First Amendment of the Constitution.

We welcome everyone (including all people turned away from UCSC) to our free party to celebrate WAMM’s Quinceñera — 15 years of serving each other with medical marijuana. DIY 4/20 at 4:20pm. Join the revolution of consciousness with us. The Free DIY party begins in the parking lot behind Pearl Alley at Lincoln and Cedar and features: Omega Project, Genea Gjaguar, Clown Burlesque, Radical Cheerleaders, Lisa Dewey, Kinetica, Ariginal and Las Palamitas. Simultaneously for those 21 or over with a valid ID our beloved Club Dakota is donating all proceeds from the door to WAMM and DJ A.D. will be spinning Motown. This event is proudly sponsored by the Santa Cruz Dyke March. Dress as your favorite Superhero/Villian. Peace Santa Cruz.

Thanks to Melissa of SantaCruzDykeMarch

Thanks to Corrie for the great pictures!
If you have any good pictures of the show please email them to theomegaproject@onebox.com

Much love to Radical Russ and NORML!

Big thanks to Radical Russ, Cannabis Karri, and NORML for the interview on April 10Th’s Daily Audio Stash. And for including us in the Weekend Music Stash. It was Carlos’ 27TH birthday and everything went great. The conversation danced around the absurdity of the War on (some) Drugs. Allow me to recap: Over 800,000 arrests each year for marijuana. Over 700,000 of those are for possession only. 5 states spend more money on corrections then education. 60% of prisoners are incarcerated for drugs. 3 strikes law means 3 felonies = natural life!!! 5000 years of recorded cannabis use and not 1 recorded overdose. Global Warming, resource wars, pharmaceutical companies shoving pills down our throats, Its time to legalize cannabis for medical, recreation, and industry. END THE WAR ON (some) DRUGS!! Set the Captives Free! Cannabem liberemus! Hear them both: April 10Th’s Daily Audio Stash Weekend Music Stash

April 10ths Daily Audio Stash Blog Post

NORML podcast on my birthday!! :)

NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws) has a daily podcast, entitled Daily Audio Stash.  Hosted by Radical Russ, it is the most popular podcast of its type and content in the world.  Carlos from The Omega Project will be interviewed tomorrow Thur. April 10Th.  The show airs online at 4:20 east-coast 1:20 west-coast time.  Big Thanks to Allen St Pierre for the support and wisdom!  Not enough praise can be given to NORML, HIGHTIMES, and WAMM.  3 great organizations pushing herb awareness into the mainstream consciousness.  This Thur. April 10Th is Carlos’ 27Th birthday so please join us on NORMLs Daily Audio Stash.


Upcoming Omega Project events!

The Omega Project will be playing live at WAMM’s 15th birthday party on 4/20 at 4:20 @:
Club Dakota
1209 Pacific Ave.

Join the Revolution of Consiousness – FREE PARTY
Dress as your favorite Super Hero or Villian.
for more info check out:WAMM.org
Also, The Omega Project will be having an EarthDay Celebration on April 22nd at Moe’s Alley in Santa Cruz, CA.
We are Headlining after Junior Boogie.  $5 +21 9pm %10 of proceeds to go to benefit.
Finally, The Omega Project will be playing at The Mirimar on the Santa Cruz wharf on May 4th. 
Thanks to everyone who came out to The Atrium and helped us make it a great night!
JAH Love Eternal!

Much Love to The Atrium

Thanks to everyone who came out to The Atrium in The Catalyst! That was our first show there are and about 100 people heard us play. Semi-Large and with large gaps (the doors and the stairs), the sound and energy seemed to gust out of the room. The Atrium is interesting because they don’t run the whole band through a PA, so the mix, consisting of 2 vocal mics, 1 kick mic, and Patience and my amps, was muddy. But that added to the style that developed over the set, and we locked in to places we haven’t went live before. Much love to The Atrium’s soundguy Kyle. BIG UPS as always to WeareCAgrown.com
Thanks to anyone who donated to WAMM – check out wamm.org


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