Bob Marley “Jammin” One Love Peace Concert

Thank You Bob Marley!

White Electric Dog – 10/25/08

I Activate in order to Love
Bonding Loyalty
I seal the Process of Heart
With the Electric tone of Service
I am guided by the power of Timelessness

Red Lunar Moon 10/24/08

I Polarize in order to Purify
Stabilizing Flow
I seal the Process of Universal Water
With the Lunar tone of Challenge
I am guided by the power of Birth

Is the Earth Quarantined?

NASA suffered yet another botched launch yesterday.  They were planning to fly “Hypersonic” vehicles out of the atmosphere.  The stated goals were “The Falcon Hypersonic Technology Vehicle program is exploring high-speed air vehicles designed for rapid, around-the-world reach. Project goals are to develop hypersonic technology for a glided or powered system, as well as advance small, low cost, and responsive launch vehicles.”  The Hypersonic vehicles can reach Mach 19 (19 times the speed of sound). 
NASA has suffered many botched launches in its career.  Every time it has been rumored to be taking “Star Wars” technology or Space Weapons off of the planet.  Of all the Governments many agencies, NASA and The Air Force have been well informed of all UFO and Extraterrestrial phenomenon on Earth.  The Air Force would have been in the perfect position to both investigate and also cover up the phenomenon.  While NASA would be in the perfect position to benefit from any contact or reverse engineering that may result from the phenomenon.  Many high ranking Military officials have theorized that the “Star Wars” missile defense system is really an offensive weapon intended to be used against Extra Terrestrials.  AlfredLambremont Webre, a Vancouver based futurist; author; Yale educated eco-lawyer and White House liason says Star Wars and the militarization of space is part of the information war against the integration with Universe society.  Star Wars is an ‘inside code word’ for this war among the military planners.  The issue is whether our space technology will be in accord with Universal principles, or controlled by a military empire. The USA will ultimately suffer ignominious defeat by Universe society should it persist as a space military power.”
This sentiment has been echoed again and again.  But ‘why would Earth be quarantined’ you might ask.  Well if you ask this question then you probably have not been paying attention for the last 3000 years.  Humans are brutal, we not only are capable of primal battles for ones existence.  We are also capable of the much more chilling use of fear and manipulation to control.  Our leaders have not been above using totally false propaganda to distort reality in the past.  And there is the very real possibly that Extra Terrestrials have already made contact with humans, but that it has been covered up, or that there was some sort of technology swap for a base on earth or the access toabducties for research.  Our primary goal on this planet with both science and religion has been the study of warfare.  How to kill and submit someone else.  If you disagree I encourage you to take a closer look at your religion.  Although the Great Teachers of your faith may say one thing, their followers seemingly do another.  Leading to Religious conflict that has lasted for ages and seems to be nowhere near stopping, in fact it is escalating.  The same thing with Science.  All of the technologies that we have as a society have come down from the Military, who screened them first to see if there was any way to use that technology to control or kill people.  The explosion of technological growth that we have seen in the last 50 years has increased this exponentially.  The amount of deaths in each major war of the last century grew exponentially from the previous war.  Hugo DeGaris predicts a “Gigadeath” in the next major war, resulting in at least a billion killed.  These all seem like reasonable reasons to quarantine the earth.
In the Multi-verse there are bound to be civilizations that are both ancient and God-like compared to earth.   These civilizations will have no doubt passed beyond our current state of paltry struggle.  They may look at earth with a sense of pity and wonder, allowing us a bit more time to work out our petty differences before they reveal themselves.  Or they may look on us with a sense of concern and dread.  Our technological explosion appears to be just a taste of what is possible.  And we have used it only to destroy and oppress.  Perhaps there is Universal Concern that a promising seed seems about to flower, but that it may destroy itself first.  However we are perceived by The Universal Community, we can be sure of being bared entrance and acceptance as long as we use fear and greed to manipulate and control.  Why would someone healthy choose to admit a deathly ill and contagious madman and thief into his inner sanctuary with his loved ones and treasures?  Why would a Great Teacher, Leader, & Scientist give a murderer a God-Like technology?
So what do you think?  Is the Earth Quarantined?

A recursive phenomenon

When I was younger I had a veracious appetite for The Divine. My quest led me many places associated with many faiths. One place that it led me was to a Pentecostal Christian Church. For several years I was an avid Christian, on fire for the Lord and willing to go to great lengths to “save” souls. The Bible was my Sacred Scripture, even going so far as to get a concordance and checking the passages in the original Hebrew and Greek. While going to church, I would play music and dance passionately. I would literally beg and cry for Jesus and God to fill me with the Spirit, and to speak through me. I would empty my mind of self and roll around on the floor babbling meaninglessness and laughter like a madman. All with the intention of connecting to a higher power. All with the willful intention of opening my mind to other consciousness.
One night, while alone and sleeping on my mother’s living room couch, I was awoken by a strange phenomenon. My body froze in paralysis and I felt a pressure on my chest. The room was pitch black but I sensed a presence near my feet. My primal reaction was one of terror. Suddenly a high pitched, whisper breathing like voice rang out loudly and clearly inside my head. “I am Jesus…” it said. This was no voice from without, this voice came from within. The strange and scary voice was accompanied at the same time by a wave of “chills” and “goose bumps” that ran from my feet to my head covering my entire body. Instantly the paralysis broke and I sat straight up and turned on the lights.
That was nearly 10 years ago. Since that time I have lived many places and been many people. I have grown and I have most definitely learned. But since that time, maybe 15 times I have awoken with a similar experience. Never have I heard the voice again. Never have I so clearly received a telepathic message. But each time I awake paralysed and filled with terror. There is always a fear that there is something near my feet at the bottom of the bed. Sometimes I feel as if there are several presences circling me and attacking me unawares. On some occasions I have attempted to yell for help or to reach out and touch my lover. On other occasions I have attempted to harness a powerful blast of mana or chi directed at them in the name of The True Creator & Destroyer. Most times I wake up with a sore neck, always in the same spot on my spine.
This could be a recursive dream that is highly lucid, but I never “wake up”, I just become unparalysed. It’s not as if I am having a bad dream and I snap out of it. It’s more as if I awake from sleep into the phenomenon.

Is it real?

The desires and fears that we suppress, manifest physically.  Our life a symphony of synchronicity and miracles.  Think of all the decisions that each one of your ancestors made that led you to being here, now.  Every step, every choice.  Every life in the family tree that allowed you to be at this place at this time.  This is the Time of Great Potential.  A Time to weave magic and wonder into tapestries of mystery that will last all time.  This is also a Time of Great Deceit.  Ancient forces, controlling the world since the dawn of history, do not want to loose their grip on your mind and body, your spirit and soul. 
Now our Great Creator reveals Him/HerSelf.  Now our Great Destroyer triumphs.  Who will lift their voices in Praise during Tribulation?  Who will sing The Lords Name while crying?  Where is the Torch to light my path, the Lighthouse to bathe the shore in luminescence?  The aware wait vigilantly like monks, noting the seasons and looking daily toward The ONE.  To be alive now is a Most High Honor.  We are the most important link in the chain.  All of our ancestors led up to us.  And from us our descendants will flow, with more numbers than the stars in the heavens.  But the Earth is sick.  Our minds are sick.  The Universe is sick.  As above, so below.  This is a time of Great Confusion and Deceit, fear and greed being tuned and played like a dark orchestra.  To think independently is a crime.  The speak out about injustice, lunacy. 
Is it real?  My senses deceive.  The soft summer breeze kisses my cheek lightly.  Birds sing ancient melody.  But is it real?  What is it?  What is real?  Like a brain in a jar hooked up to electrodes, or a piece of self synthesizing software becoming aware, my spark is bright and flashing, my wave traveling outward at the speed of light.  But is it real?

Yellow Self-Existing Star

I Define in order to Beautify
Measuring Art
I seal the Store of Elegance
With the Self-Existing tone of Form
I am guided by the power of Flowering
I am a galactic activation portal    enter me.

White Lunar World-Bridger

I Polarize in order to Equalize
Stabilizing Opportunity
I seal the Store of Death
With the Lunar tone of Challenge
I am guided by the power of Endlessness
I am a galactic activation portal    enter me.

Yellow Cosmic Seed

I Endure in order to Target
Transcending Awareness
I seal the Input of Flowering
With the Cosmic tone of Presence
I am guided by the power of Elegance

Blue Crystal Night

I Dedicate in order to Dream
Universalizing Intuition
I seal the Input of Abundance
With the Crystal tone of Cooperation
I am guided by the power of Vision

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