My Miraculous Mother

Praise JAH!  My sweet Creator and Mother has miracled  Natalia and I $$ for Phish Tickets!  I ordered them today from this page.  The way that Phish always does their pre-order tickets is with a lottery.  They say that there is no first come first serve, that all people who pay the money between yesterday and Oct. 8th will have an equal chance of getting tickets.  Tickets go on sale to the public through TicketMaster on Oct.18th.  Hopefully I will get 2 tickets to each night!


Like all good rock bands that have played their “Final Show”, Phish, my favorite band of all time, has announced a Mini-Tour.  March 6,7,8 2009 in Hampton, Virginia.  Something tells me this may not be their final show either.  With my recent legal troubles (bummer) and preparing for the Coming of The Lord (My Son, Blessing) this show might be something that is beyond my horizon.  March 5th is my sisters 30th birthday.  She introduced me to Phish when I was 14 and took me to my first show when I was 16.  I tripped my brains out and can honestly say that my life has been on a different course since that concert.  My sister is also expecting a baby boy (Harper Croix Ragains ) so this concert might be beyond her horizons also.  But JAH JAH willing I will be dancing beside her at these concerts.

John Paul Getty Museum of L.A.

Natalie and I went to The Getty Museum in Los Angeles on Thursday.  For anyone who doesn’t know about this place, it is one of America’s premiere museums.  With both resident pieces and exhibits, the Getty always has something amazing to see.  And it is free!  For more info check out:
Here are a few pieces that we saw.

This is a humorous caricature by DaVinci

Medieval Portrait

Medieval Portrait

The wonders of Peru

These pictures are from the Getty Website.

Margie Perez speaks at the Democratic National Convention!

Our wonderful friend from New Orleans and the female vocalist from The Omega Project’s most recent recording “Drink Deep”, Margie Perez spoke at the Democratic National Convention last week in Denver. Margie is an amazing musician who obviously has a lot to say and isn’t afraid to speak the truth. I say Margie Perez for President 2012!

Check out Margies MySpace page and connect with her personally!

Also, Margie’s speech is 2min 41 secs long, which is about %25 of the time that the Republicans gave to Bush!


The Redwoods are burning!

These are pictures of the fire in Bonny Doon about 12 miles from where Natalie and I live.  These are Redwoods burning.  It is a bad sign that this part of the state is burning for 2 reasons:

  1. This forest has a thick marine layer that keeps it especially moist and damp year round.  So it should be too wet to burn.
  2. It’s still early in the season, and the temperatures aren’t yet at their highest.  If the wetter spots of California are already burning, how bad are the blazes in the drier parts going to be?

Thanks to Alekz Londos for these amazing pictures!

Zimbabwe’s currency is fu**ed

“Zimbabwe’s currency plunged to a new record low on Thursday, trading at an average 1 billion to the U.S. dollar on a recently introduced interbank market and triggering massive price increases. Traders were quoting the Zimbabwean dollar <ZWD=> at between 995 million and 1.45 billion against the greenback in Thursday morning trade, up from an average 700 million at the beginning of the week. The currency has depreciated by about 84 percent since the central bank effectively floated it in early May after years of an official peg.”

Reuters has the full story.

Are you Fuc*ing serious?!  Its crunch time for the world’s resources and the poorest people are being abandoned at best, killed off at worst.  This is another great success by the I.M.F., whose real goal is to subvert independent rulers who emerged after the fall of British Colonialism.  What happens to the poor and oppressed anywhere affects all of us.  Like a pebble dashed into still waters, we are all disturbed.  We as Americans are not immune to this effect.  Our dollar is currently declining.  Jobs are being outsourced, resource prices skyrocketing, it is obvious that if the current generation of Americans do not change our trip, then we will soon be facing serious cultural hurdles.  And I don’t mean some Barack Obama media created “Change”, I mean real change.  The kind that involves seriously evaluating and adjusting our farming, medicine, food, religion, schools, laws, stereotypes, sexualities, and relationships.  So much oppression worldwide has left the world with a bad taste for America.  It is up to us as young Americans to erase this view by rising up and leading a “Green” Revolution.  One based on humane principles, finding Unity in the Honor of the Divine and the Quest for Knowledge and Science.  Ending this destructive and parasitic relationship between politicians and the Death and War Industry.  Redirecting America’s enormous resources to the poor and hungry.  Fostering intelligence and creativity.  And becoming a leading light again, in a way that would honor our ancestor’s while also providing for our descendants.  I send out a prayer for The Great Grandmother and Grandfather to help us during these times of tribulation.  They that endure to the end, the same shall be saved….


California, you’ve pulled me in.
Promises, Secrets, now I re-begin.
Melodic Activation ensues.
By the Great Spirit I’m being used.

California, though I had lost my way.
Infinite, instant, Yellowsun of a new day.
Broken, battered and bruised.
Now my Spirit has been renewed.


The Greatest Revenge is Success

There’s blood in the water, and the sharks are circling. Why is it that when you mess up in this world, there is always someone there to make money? Why is it that when you are sick, there is always someone there to make money? Why is it that when God touches your heart, there is always someone there to make money? Our worlds belief structure creates a self perpetuating vicious cycle of greed and fear. Everyone alive has had a moment where they were down, whether physically or spiritually. Its what you do when you are down that this is all about. Most people break when they are down. They give up, succumb to control, and admit defeat. They allow their lives and energy to be leached off of by the vampires who set this whole system up. Most people become bitter, dwelling on what could have been, or stewing with envy and rage at someone who threw them off course. They forget that light kills Vampires… To have someone tell you about climbing a mountain is one thing, but to climb the mountain yourself, that is a whole other story. Tribulation brings understanding, and understanding brings true compassion. And The Compassionate ONE is what this world is starving for. The Compassionate ONE drives the sharks and vampires away with the power of thought, voice, and action. The power of inner light. Cry not for yourself, cry for the millions oppressed worldwide. Sing the Song of Their Liberty! Take the fear and greed of the vampires and sharks and let it fire up your will to succeed! For the Greatest Revenge is Success!

Visions of the Future: The Intelligence Revolution. With Michio Kaku

Will computers think for themselves? Will humans be able to reprogram our own biology, making us “super human”? Will our kids be born into a world where every item is “smart”. Michio Kaku, another one of my favorite modern philosophers and Great Minds tackles these questions in Visions of the Future: The Intelligence Revolution

This video does a great job illustrating the vast changes underway on our world. By 2020 a microchip with the computing power of a modern cellphone will cost about $.01. As this draws nearer, chips will begin to be embedded in everything truly leading to the “ubiquity era” with thousands of computers per user. Humans will then (if not already) begin hard-wiring our minds with more processing power and altering our DNA to dramatic results. Humans may no longer be Homo Sapien and may self selectively evolve into Cyber Sapiens.


Question of the Day:
Do you think humans will achieve this great change in our very essence?

Hubble Images of Colliding Galaxies

“Images of colliding galaxies show them spinning, sliding and slipping into one another, wreaking stellar destruction that will give birth to new and larger galaxies.”

See the full article here.

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