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It has been a long season since I have spoken here. I have been through many changes and seen much growth. For the last year I have been heavily involved with website design. Please check out my thoughts on my new blog.

New songs

The New Kings Band

Harper Ragains on bass and Sol Cardona on guitar in “The New Kings Band”

The New Kings Band

Announcing the birth of Carlos Gabriel Cardona II

Natalie and my son was born on Dec. 18th in Santa Cruz, California.  He was 20” and 7.5 pounds.  His name is Carlos Gabriel Edwards-Cardona II.  “Sol”, our little sun.

Sol Cardona

You can check out the story of his life @

Margie Perez speaks at the Democratic National Convention!

Our wonderful friend from New Orleans and the female vocalist from The Omega Project’s most recent recording “Drink Deep”, Margie Perez spoke at the Democratic National Convention last week in Denver. Margie is an amazing musician who obviously has a lot to say and isn’t afraid to speak the truth. I say Margie Perez for President 2012!

Check out Margies MySpace page and connect with her personally!

Also, Margie’s speech is 2min 41 secs long, which is about %25 of the time that the Republicans gave to Bush!


A recursive phenomenon

When I was younger I had a veracious appetite for The Divine. My quest led me many places associated with many faiths. One place that it led me was to a Pentecostal Christian Church. For several years I was an avid Christian, on fire for the Lord and willing to go to great lengths to “save” souls. The Bible was my Sacred Scripture, even going so far as to get a concordance and checking the passages in the original Hebrew and Greek. While going to church, I would play music and dance passionately. I would literally beg and cry for Jesus and God to fill me with the Spirit, and to speak through me. I would empty my mind of self and roll around on the floor babbling meaninglessness and laughter like a madman. All with the intention of connecting to a higher power. All with the willful intention of opening my mind to other consciousness.
One night, while alone and sleeping on my mother’s living room couch, I was awoken by a strange phenomenon. My body froze in paralysis and I felt a pressure on my chest. The room was pitch black but I sensed a presence near my feet. My primal reaction was one of terror. Suddenly a high pitched, whisper breathing like voice rang out loudly and clearly inside my head. “I am Jesus…” it said. This was no voice from without, this voice came from within. The strange and scary voice was accompanied at the same time by a wave of “chills” and “goose bumps” that ran from my feet to my head covering my entire body. Instantly the paralysis broke and I sat straight up and turned on the lights.
That was nearly 10 years ago. Since that time I have lived many places and been many people. I have grown and I have most definitely learned. But since that time, maybe 15 times I have awoken with a similar experience. Never have I heard the voice again. Never have I so clearly received a telepathic message. But each time I awake paralysed and filled with terror. There is always a fear that there is something near my feet at the bottom of the bed. Sometimes I feel as if there are several presences circling me and attacking me unawares. On some occasions I have attempted to yell for help or to reach out and touch my lover. On other occasions I have attempted to harness a powerful blast of mana or chi directed at them in the name of The True Creator & Destroyer. Most times I wake up with a sore neck, always in the same spot on my spine.
This could be a recursive dream that is highly lucid, but I never “wake up”, I just become unparalysed. It’s not as if I am having a bad dream and I snap out of it. It’s more as if I awake from sleep into the phenomenon.

But a Dream…

This is a new song that I am working on.  But a Dream…

Yesterday is but a dream…
Things are not what they seem…

©2008 Carlos Cardona

“Drink Deep” by The Omega Project

“Drink Deep” is the song of the day.  Recorded in New Orleans, LA in 2007, this is the title track off of “Drink Deep” the album.

Listen to and buy more of The Omega Project’s music @

©2007 Carlos Cardona

The Onlooker by Greg Dutilly

This is the first post of hopefully many by The 507 Effect guest author Greg Dutilly, better known as Tilly the dharma punk. 
Forever wandering wondering. 

The Onlooker

Drop the drawbridge
Pain is riding in on a white horse
His flag of terror is flying high.
His sword of words
Held at his side.
Stay away from his poison tongue
It’s almost over
Before it’s begun.
Joy walks up
Hanging his head,
A thief runs by
With the last of the bread
You wonder in silence,
from your spot on the wall
Horribly ever after,
the destiny of all?

Copyright ©2008  Gregory Donald Dutilly

Amazing sketches of The Omega Project by Tomo Y.

Big Thanks to Tomo Y. for digging these out of the vaults and sending them my way. These are sketches of The Omega Project from Monterey, CA in 2005.

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